Snapchat Starts Showing Six-Second Ads That Viewers Can’t Skip



Snapchat viewers are seeing a new type of ad—ones they have to watch.

On Monday, the first forced-view ads, meaning they can’t be skipped, started popping up on the app, promoting movies like “Deadpool” and “Adrift” and products such as Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and Snapple.

After basing its initial ad business on an entirely voluntary viewing format, Snapchat in April confirmed that it would start offering non-skippable ads for the first time.

The new ads appear like commercials in the middle of a show, similar to TV, a medium Snapchat has tried to emulate but update for the mobile age.

Indeed, these six-second spots are only available in Shows, the professionally produced, episodic series from top media partners like NBCUniversal, Walt Disney Co. and Viacom that appear in Snapchat’s Discover section — programs like “Phone Swap” from Elisabeth Murdoch’s Vertical Networks and ESPN’s version of “SportsCenter” for the app.


Credit: Ad Age


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