141Worldwide Evolves To Nitro121, Launches School Initiative

The new Nitro121 logo
The new Nitro121 logo

By Jeremiah Agada

One of Nigeria’s leading marketing communications companies, 141Worlwide has transformed to a new name, logo and identity, Nitro121.

Announcing the new identity during the rebranding party at its posh G.R.A, Lagos office, the Managing Director of the new Nitro121 agency, Lampe Omoyele said that the metaphor of the brand new identity hinged on Formula One (F1) car racing has to do with the agency’s new positioning as high performing, connecting, unfettered, enterprising and youthful.

The rebranded agency logo was unveiled by the Group CEO of Prima Garnet Africa, Lolu Akinwunmi. The move heralds a fresh journey and signals the company’s mission of being the leading pit stop for creative brand building solutions in West Africa, a report on its social media page says.

While fielding questions from a team of journalists, Omoyele threw more light on the rebranding of the agency. “What we have done is an evolution and taking an opportunity to use a new name and identity to launch ourselves to higher heights in business. We are launching to a new identity that enables us to deliver superior performance to our clients, the brands and business that we work for.

Explaining further, he said, “F1 speaks of high performance more than any other sports. It also speaks about a high level of teamwork. When a car driver gets to the pit stop, within a few seconds, that car is put up to perform at a higher level than it was. Nitro121 is a pit stop where brands and businesses come to, and working with us, their level of performance improves. Every brand and business that comes to the pit stop called Nitro121 will leave us performing better. That is the metaphor we have chosen.

Lampe Omoyele, Managing Director, Nitro121
Lampe Omoyele, Managing Director, Nitro121

“The 141 Worldwide name is one we registered and also one we used, been part of the Ogilvy network. Even though we have a choice to retain the name, we have chosen to use the opportunity to launch ourselves to a greater level of operation. So, we have chosen a name that speaks to that. Nitro121 speaks of a new level of operations. The word ‘nitro’ speaks about high performance. ‘121’ (one to one) speaks about a higher level of connecting to our clients, the brands and the consumers.”

In recent times, the agency has evolved its digital marketing communications offerings and Lampe said this is a reflection of its new identity. “We bring a new dimension of digital marketing. We have one of the best digital marketing guys in the market working for us. We have won some new accounts because of that. In the past one year, we have recruited some of the best strategists, we are reinforcing the team, we are retraining and we are delivering absolutely consumer insight-led creatives.”

In a related development, the agency has announced the launch of the Nitro121 Street2School initiative, which would involve seed funding and fund-raising campaigns to send 121 indigent children to school over the next 2 years. The agency premised this move on the fact that Nigeria is said to have the highest population of children of school age who are out of school (over 10 million); this initiative would be our contribution to addressing this issue.

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