Limelight Media: Media Speciality Agency Bringing Brands To Limelight


By Azeez Disu

In today’s hyper competitive age, brands are constantly seeking for innovative ways to connect with their target market using media. To achieve this objective, experts pinpoint that a media independent agency whose brand strategy is incisive; creativity is out-of-the-box and 360 degree advertising solutions; encompasses digital marketing and social media marketing, are the ones who will proffer solutions to brands’ challenges and put them in the limelight.

Interestingly, a young agency has been at the vanguard of changing the stories of brands within a short time of its existence. Undoubtedly, Limelight Media, a 360 degree Media insight and Marketing Communication agency, is one of the few media specialty agencies bringing brands to limelight in the age of connected consumer.

Its strategic planning solutions are based on the foundation of understanding consumer behavior through insight. Its specialty is the integration of terrestrial media with digital media like never before, helping to brings brands closer to their target market.

Speaking on what informed the name “Limelight Media” Taiwo Kareem, Managing Director of the agency said “We used to be an offshoot of Noah’s Ark as Media Mast. We made a change when the need arose for us to actually have a change of name because of the fact that Noah’s Ark is now affiliated to Dentsu Aegis Network. We can’t afford to have the same media independent agency in the same network in Nigeria, so there was need for us to register another company.”

Adding that “We have like-minds who form the Board of Directors who consistently believe that the services we want to render would position brands to limelight. We know that the name resonate with what we were planning to offer among other names deliberated upon, that was how Limelight came about.”

Operational Philosophy

Specifically, LimeLight Media is a boutique, full service media & advertising agency that is dedicated to meeting the holistic media marketing needs of its clients.

With a mission “To provide innovative and effective integrated media campaigns which help our clients grow their businesses and realize their marketing goals” and a vision to “Delivering results-oriented brand marketing programmes and media campaigns that enhance our clients’ awareness, brand equity, consumer engagement, improve their sales and foster their growth,” the agency provides clients with a one stop integrated approach that helps strengthen their brands, increase consumer awareness, drive sales, and much more.

Kareem disclosed that the agency’s core values are integrity, transparency, and offering excellent services to clients. Adding that the agency acts as a consultant to clients and this presents them as a part of their business success story.

“Importantly, our client sees us as driver of their business success. This can be attributed to the values and problem solving ideas we bring to the table. So, this make them consult us for marketing insights.

“You can’t get this for free if you don’t earn it. This is a lesson for agencies that quality of service has to be standard and innovative. Innovation should be the motivator for service delivery. Anytime you have a discussion with clients they know that you have some values you would add to their business. So, they would be forced to see you in the light of a problem solving agency, “’ he pointed.

In addition, he stated “While innovation is part of our core values. Staff motivation is another, understanding that unmotivated staffs would not come out with something unique and the uniqueness of your idea is what can sell your client’s brand. When you have all these it is easy and clients will continue to make you their partner in progress,” he emphasised.

Competitive Edge

According to him, the agency is adoptable to any environment and has dedicated and experienced staffs that are creative and deploy innovative ideas to help clients achieve their goals.

“As a young agency, experience counts for us because we are young and our overhead is relatively small, that makes it easy to compete favourably with any big agency. Mind you, everybody is looking for value but with minimal cost.

“We challenge big agencies on minimal cost; big agencies have a lot of overhead cost. As a growing agency we offer great discount compared to others, and we don’t allow the discount to whittle down the value we offer to client,” he stated.

Excitingly, Limelight Media offers strategy development, media planning & buying, integrated digital technology to big and small businesses, representing a broad spectrum of industries and markets. The agency’s client include: GOtv, Air Comfort, Ultimate Furniture, Society for Family Health (SFH), Luminous, Bosch, VDT Communications, Fan Milk, among others.

Speaking on partnership and affiliation, Kareem said “We have people who are seeking us for affiliation but we are just taking our time. People have seen our competence, our growth and ability to deliver and are willing to partner with us, so when the right time comes, we will think in that line.”

Innovative Initiatives And Campaigns

Explaining the innovative initiatives and campaigns the agency has embarked upon, Kareem stated “For a client like VDT when it launched VDT SMEmpower into the market, we ensured that their digital presence is actually unique and they were able to grow in no time. VDT is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) company that was known for Enterprise before. They serve most of the banks in Nigeria but right now they have decided to go retail, and we have deployed series of campaigns for them.

 “We also launched campaigns for Air Comfort, they deal with both home and office furniture. We came up with a campaign for them, “I Got your back” knowing the importance of the back to humans and that people in one way or the other suffer back pains as a result of the chairs they sit on or the nature of the job they do. We can boldly say that the campaign has helped their business grown exponentially and remarkably.”

Future Plans

In the words of Anna Eshoo, “Innovation is the calling card of the future”. On future plans, Kareem said “We are going to perform big, because you can’t perform small in this market. In terms of innovation there are couple of things that we need to deploy. We will deploy more digital by partnering with the Google, Facebook and others.

“The good thing about the digital space is that it has come to be the most visible and accessible to these emerging markets.”

He added that the agency is investing in developing outdoor software that will affect the OOH category positively. This is one of the values we drive to smoothen business operation and become an agency to reckon with. He explained further that the agency was consulted by one of its client to develop an app to ease its business operation. This comes through hard work and tireless dedication.

Speaking on the agency’s projection for the next five years, he said “In the next five, we believe we should be among the top five agencies in Nigeria. The truth is, the marketing communications industry is evolving and the then small agencies are the ones making the wave. We should be able to challenge the status quo with bespoke innovations for our clients and prospective ones.  In the next five years we will work hard to be among the top five agencies in the country.”

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