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Keskese Limited: Generating Impactful And Deepest Engagements For Brands



Keskese Limited, a marketing communication company that specializes in experiential marketing, is a young, nimble and flexible agency that has earned a well-deserved reputation for always providing clients with the appropriate knowledge and resources needed to achieve their marketing goals and objectives on time, in full and within budget.

Widely acknowledged for its campaigns and productions, Keskese has also developed a reputation for creating connections that positively influence how internal and external audiences feel, think and act about brands, products and services. Indeed, the experiential marketing agency has successfully demonstrated to clients that it is capable of igniting improved performance and increase sales to build strong brand loyalty through professional handling of numerous campaigns.

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An abiding goal at Keskese Limited has always been to generate the most impactful, deepest and lengthiest engagement possible for its clients and their respective audiences. The agency achieves this by leveraging on its decades’ worth of industry expertise. Keskese is then able to create unique experiences for brands in fulfillment of its strong belief that every experience must be unique to the brand, the moment and the people it is engaging.

Keskese is able to deliver consistently in this manner because of its deep and rich understanding of the sectors where its clients do business. Over the years, clients have come to rely on Keskese due to its prodigious capability to excite, endear and engage customers as well as consumers in specific brand experiences.

Keskese has in its fold, dynamic and highly skilled employees who are able to proffer solutions using their varied and broad backgrounds to ensure multi-disciplinary approach to briefs. The agency also brings its combined experience of over 30 years in experiential marketing to bear on projects, having worked across sectors including fast moving consumable goods (FMCG), telecommunications, breweries and tobacco, among others.

As a member of the International Special Events Society (ISES), its people are placed in a unique position to access and harness specialists’ resources worldwide for the benefit of clients. Keskese prides itself as an experiential agency which has time and again succeeded in creating a niche for the brands on the stables of its various clients.

Beyond defining the immediate opportunity, audience and objectives, Keskese digs deeper as a way of delivering high-tech activation for its clients. The agency also strives to understand the brand positioning, company culture, overall marketing strategies and tactics to occupy a vantage position to win more consumers.

Before embarking on any activation, the agency engages in in-depth research to gain insight on current market and competitive conditions as well as industry trends. The insight serves as the foundation of its strategic plan. Keskese takes time to build and implement concepts using processes and assets necessary to bring the plan to market.


Tade Adekunle, Project Consultant of Keskese reveals that the operational philosophy of the agency enables it to take charge, manage, monitor and improve activation strategies for clients in order to be more efficient, effective, engaging and more compelling.

He says, “We must be ahead and add value to our clients’ brands. We must come up with refreshed and new ideas all the time. What we believe is to think about it first, before embarking on execution especially when dealing with briefs from clients. Beyond that, we also create our own marketing properties because we don’t wait for briefs.”

For instance, from the earliest stages when we opened shop, the agency was very clear on the direction it would take by setting benchmarks and testing metrics as well as capturing and analysing data for all its undertakings. Worthy of note is the ability of the agency to improve on the return on investment of its clients by engaging the right people at the right places and at the right time.

Keskese takes time to build and implement concepts using processes and assets necessary to bring the plan to market. It develops analytics that formulate its custom measurement plans that are consistent from client to client and from campaign to campaign. All these are in its efforts to satisfy clients’ projections about their brands.

Through dint of hard work, Keskese has been able to attract and retain a clientele which include Huawei, Cadbury, MTN Nigeria, Unilever Plc, Global Golf, Nigerian Breweries, OLX, Barcadi and many others. Keskese succeeded in winning these businesses because of its ability to explore creative concepts, audience lifestyle, trends and market dynamics. Keskese has retained most of these accounts and win new ones because it is able to develop excellent budget parameters. The agency also solicits stakeholder input and explores all the feedback to refine the concepts into actionable plans.

Adekunle is confident that Keskese – a member of Experiential Marketing Agencies of Nigeria (EXMAN), is here to stay. He declares that Keskese is prepared to play on the African continent in the next five years by having over 10 marketing communications properties of high international standards. For starters, Keskese has established a sister company in Benin Republic (Keskese Benin) and another one in Ghana.


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