Union Bank Opens Smarter-Banking Centre, Two Branches In Anambra

Union Bank
Tour of the Smarter-Banking Center

As part of efforts to deliver quality financial solutions to its wide customer base across Nigeria, Union Bank of Nigeria, Plc. extended its transformation activities to Anambra State with the launch of two newly upgraded branches in Onitsha and a new Smarter Banking Centre at the .

The one-of-a-kind Smarter Banking Centre is designed to offer innovative services to Union Bank’s mobile customers. With its all-in-one stand alone 24-hour boutique for self-service banking, customers can open their accounts, deposit and withdraw cash via the ATMs. The centre also has interactive projector screens enables 24-hour live video chat with a customer care representative. The user friendliness of the Smarter Banking Centre ensures that the staff, students and all customers within and around the Federal Polytechnic Oko can enjoy quick, convenient and hassle-free banking. While addressing the students and special guests at the Oko branch launch, Joe Mbulu, Transformation Director of the bank, had this to say: “At Union Bank, quality is our watchword, from our customer experience to our state-of-the-art banking platforms; we want to ensure that banking is indeed seamless for our customers. Previously, each branch operated as a standalone but now we have installed a core centralized banking platform that ensures our customers can carry out their transactions conveniently in real time from any location.”

For Emeka Okonkwo, Executive Director of Corporate Banking, Union Bank of Nigeria who spoke at the launch of the Niger Bridge branch on Uga Street, “the bank is highly committed to its customers. We have installed new technologies, revamped our processes and upgraded the core banking infrastructure, all just to ensure that they receive the best services. We now employ banking mechanisms that do not waste time so that our customers can focus on things that matter, empowering them to be efficient at their businesses.”

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