Red Star Boosts E-Commerce With Saddle Application


Red Star

Red Star Plc, a leading courier and logistics organization with decades of service delivery experience, recently deployed a first of its kind industry solution to manage “Pay-On-Delivery” transactions for online businesses and e-transactions.

The application, known as Saddle, allows instant payment on delivery reconciliation, enable customers to monitor and track the movement of ordered products until items are delivered. It also allows e-platforms/partner companies to seamlessly receive notifications when orders are placed.

Jayson Oyarekhua, Head, Projects and New Ventures, Red Star Plc said in Lagos that the application has been customized to enable organizations, especially those in e-commerce to track orders from clients, monitor activities prior to delivery and generate report after delivery or as and when due. He said, “the application will enable a transparent solution on all sides of the e-commerce chain including Red Star Express, the E-commerce platform and the end-user who ordered the product.”

Oyarekhua added that subscribing to the Saddle application will provide several features that are beneficial to e-Commerce platforms across the country. “The features are meant to change the way e-tailing is executed. It will impact on logistics management tool, provides cash and card payment solution. It will also act as front-end app for delivery agents, back-end tool for dispatch, monitoring and reconciliation, provide pick-up and drop-off tools, provide tracking information for consumers and provide an industry solution for multiple e-commerce sites/platforms.”

This solution is flexible enough to suit individual business models. The application could be customized to fit the business need of the backend user of this product. “And the good thing about it is that the storage of the massive information is absolutely free because it is stored in the cloud.”

Explaining how it works, Oyarekhua said a customer (an e-commerce Platform provider) receives an API to integrate Saddle into their website. Once integration is done, the customer will have visibility to the Saddle logistics management. When an order is made on their platforms, the transaction is sent and logged in Saddle where it becomes available for pick-up and delivery. For delivery, Saddle will be linked to a mobile POS solution which every delivery agent can use to receive payment upon delivery. Payment (cash or card) will be logged into the account of the merchant with proper reconciliation and settlement process in place.

“The app starts with the integration of an e-commerce website. So, when an order is ready to be fulfilled, the e-commerce website feeds into Saddle and the Logistics partner will be able to see orders that are ready to be picked up. This solution will significantly organize the current e-commerce delivery process by assigning pick-ups to agents within a certain geographical location. For example, when an agent needs to pick up from merchants located in Victoria Island. The algorithm built into it will assign the pick-up info to agents in Victoria Island. So this app brings sanity into an otherwise chaotic system that is currently in place. The MPOS allows the customer the ability to pay on delivery. By integrating MPOS with Saddle, it creates a real-time payment notification”.

The customer is able to see that the order has been picked up from the merchant. Then the order is tracked from when it gets on the vehicle until the last mile customer signs that the order has been received. Dates at various touch points progression are visible. Daily, weekly or monthly reports can be generated for reconciliation purposes.

Red Star Express Group is a premium logistics solution provider in Nigeria with unrivalled local network coverage and a large market share in the domestic and international market. It enjoys a domestic strength of over 240 offices in Nigeria, delivers to additional 1,800 communities, with over 2,400 highly trained personnel and over 600 delivery vehicles in its fleet. The company has four business units including The Red Star Express which is a licensee of FedEx, the world’s largest express transportation company. There is the Red Star Freight, Red Star Logistics and Red Star Support Services.

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