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Guinness Nigeria Launches Malta Herbs Lite


 Malta Herbs Lite

Guinness Nigeria Plc, a subsidiary of Diageo Plc of the United Kingdom, has announced as part of its strategic drive to create new products that meet the ever evolving needs of the Nigerian consumer, the launch of a new variant of its much loved brand Malta Guinness, the new great herbal tasting malt – Malta Herbs Lite.

Malta Herbs Lite is a distinctive refreshing malt drink that gives consumers more than they expect in a traditional malt drink. Malta Herbs Lite is the first light malt drink in Nigeria, which means that compared to the 11% sugar and above that most malt drinks in the market have, Malta Herbs Lite has only 8% sugar making it a better choice for the health conscious Nigerian who doesn’t want to compromise on taste.

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Mrs. Jodi Samuels-Ike, Innovations Director, Guinness Nigeria Plc said, “At Guinness Nigeria, we are known for our consistency in delivering great brands and ground-breaking innovations that give our consumers unique experiences. Malta Herbs Lite is a product that is positioned to redefine the experience in the malt beverage market as it is masterfully crafted with natural herb extractsto give malt drinkers even more flavour in their drink, with even less sugar.”

She continued: “Malta Herbs Lite is the first malt drink with the added benefit of herbal goodness. Packed with all the refreshing goodness of Malta Guinness, great tasting natural herbs and even less sugar than most mainstream malt drinks, Malta Herbs Lite will give you more than you expect in a malt drink.”

Malta Herbs Lite joins Africa’s number one malt drink Malta Guinness, which has been a favourite of Nigerians for over 25 years. Alongside Malta Guinness, Malta Herbs Lite will give Nigerians even more choice in high quality malt drinks.

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