What Advertisers, Others Stand To Gain As Media Fuse Launches CCS

Media Fuse Dentsu Aegis MD/CEO, Emeka Okeke


The stress of advertisers and communication experts to understand how consumers relate with media has been reduced following the launch of Consumer Connection System (CCS), the Dentsu Aegis Network consumer, lifestyle and product survey.

According to the survey, advertisers and communication experts will have opportunity to calculate deliverables with the use of CCS.

The CCS and associated tools were introduced at a launch event in the Renaissance Marriot Hotel, Lagos to a select audience of industry stakeholders including advertisers, agencies, media owners, industry associations and regulatory agencies.

CCS marks a step-change in the way consumer research is conducted within the Nigerian consumer landscape. It allows brands to find out crucial information about their consumers during the consumer journey. The bespoke smart tool addresses the media reach dimension of consumer behaviour and covers the reaction to this reach through an investigation into their notice and engagement experiences with different types of ads, ad formats and categories. It measures the usage, influence & effect of over 50 communication channels.

The survey which is conducted across 57 countries that together account for some 90% of global advertising expenditure has been successfully used by a very wide range of companies across the globe to drive more effective communication strategies and to deliver efficiencies in targeting and budgeting.

Speaking about the launch, Byron John, Insights and Innovation Director of Dentsu Aegis Network Sub Saharan Africa, said:

“Having a tool like CCS Planner in Nigeria has now put MFDAN streets ahead of their peers in the market. Not only is it now the most sophisticated media communications planning tool in Nigeria, but it has inherently future-proofed MFDAN against any changes in the media research landscape for some time to come. The CCS Planner has the ability to calibrate, not only the CCS Benchmark data but any other third party media data“.

Also speaking at the event, Emeka Okeke, Group Managing Director of Media Fuse Dentsu Aegis Network said:

“CCS and associated tools derivable from it is an absolute game changer in communication planning in Nigeria. Advertisers, the media and communication experts desire and deserve the level of details that CCS provides to follow and track today’s sophisticated consumer who with modern technology receive millions of messages everyday and therefore have become very discerning in their choices of products and services. They no longer rely solely on raw messages from main stream media to make up their minds about brands. They live in a connected world through multiple sophisticated devices and we therefore need systems like CCS to track changes in their lives and behavior. It is unequivocally another first by Media Fuse Dentsu Aegis Network in Nigeria and counting”.

Dawn Rowlands, Chief Executive Officer, Dentsu Aegis Network in Sub-Saharan Africa said:

“CCS is the most comprehensive single-source study available in our market. Apart from having an extremely granular level of touch-point data, it studies the interaction consumers have with media in detail. With increasing ad-avoidance, media engagement, incidence of cross-screen consumption, etc. are far more important metrics than reach and time spent. CCS will give MFDAN the insight into the market that no other tool is able to offer.”

The launch in Lagos was a successful event showcasing Emeka Okeke and his team of world class professionals continuing to innovate media in Nigeria.And it is strongly believed that having access to this global tool with localised insights and an in-depth knowledge of the Nigerian consumer will give the MFDAN’s offering a compelling competitive edge.


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