Plural Media Introduces NexceliSignage To Drive Customer Engagement


Uduak Bassey, MD/CEO Plural Media & NexceliSignage


In a bid to set new standard in customer engagement in the integrated marketing communication landscape, Plural Media, one of the leading Out of Home agency has unveiled NexceliSignage as a top of the mind marketing engagement.
Speaking on the feat, Uduak Bassey, Managing Director of Plural Media said NexcliSignage came into being in order to improve interactive customer engagement by converging mobile devices and place-based digital screens.
His words:
“NexceliSignage is positioned to be the ‘seamless go-to platform’ for businesses of any size and scale to deliver tangible customer engagement with their audience especially across B2C footprints using what they already have – the television screens,” said Bassey.
According to him, there may be different opinions on what customer engagement is, but the consensus is that “engaged and valued customers are happy customers and happy customers are loyal customers; loyal customers are critical to the sustainable profitability of any business.”
In connecting to customers to drive engagement, Bassey listed  a number of common-place ideas which yet fall short of the latest development. Some of the hackneyed ideas include:
Targeting the increasing number of multi-screeners and portable device users with mobile optimization and responsive web design; staying active on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, You Tube, and LinkedIn by sharing your creative and engaging content regularly. The company may also communicate in traditional ways by calling your clients, sending them letters, or even visiting them if possible or encourage participation by creating product-review contests, selecting weekly or monthly fans, and posting client-sent photos of your products.
Others may engage people with unique, interactive, and need-targeted links, videos, newsletters, blog posts, and website content or make your customer service a part of your customer experience strategy after equipping your employees with appropriate knowledge and useful tools among others.
While a company may implement some of these ideas, Bassey pointed out that it is regrettable that “the gap still exists in making these visible/tangible and felt by your customers in your physical spaces especially across B2C touch points.”
He continued, “a visit to most business corporate offices shows that the Televisions in these offices are only used to play Cable TV channels that arguably add very little direct value to their businesses. In other instances where brand communication is displayed, the content on the screens are managed with flash drives with attendant hiccups and inconsistencies.”
He adds, “NexceliSignage eliminates the hassles of ‘manually managing content’ on your screens and bridges that yawning gap in your customer engagement/experience strategy by:
It makes your online brand building and communications tangible, visible and felt through the optimization of the use of the television screens in your offices.
Openly putting the customer at the forefront of everything your business does which is the thrust of NexceliSignage #OpenUpGetCloser Campaign.
Transparently connecting with your customers emotionally (research confirms that emotionally engaged customers are 300% likely to recommend and become repeat customers)
It also provide the ‘visible voice’ through which you can listen and feel their pulse.
Your customers conversation with your business across your social media platforms are made visible.
By visibly making your customers VIP, the law of reciprocity naturally motivates them to share positive feelings with their friends and therefore build loyalty for your brands, product or services.
 The platform also delivers live streaming of videos and therefore serves as a dedicated Corporate TvChannel for your Business
NexceliSignage is a robust software and platform that facilitates audience-engaging and dynamic messaging and conversations that visibly connect with targeted audiences. “NexceliSignage is cloud based, affordable and easy-to-use/deploy for businesses of all sizes in their enterprise corporate communications –-SMEs, malls, schools, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, retail (B2C) companies, financial institutions, branding / advertising and so much more,” said Bassey.
He added that any business that has a Television in her corporate reception can optimize the value of that Television to the business with NexceliSignage.

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