Viju Milk Drink Now In 150ml, 300ml, 330ml Bottles


Viju milk

In keeping to its promises and the quest to satisfy its teaming consumers, Viju Mlik Industry has launched the new improved Viju milk drink.

Packed in 150ml, 300ml and 330ml bottles, both adults and children will have the value for their money as the products hit the market soon.

According to the management, the new improved milk drinks comes in different range as 300ml are in chocolate, wheat and yoghurt while the fruits and flavor milk comes in 150ml and 330ml.

Both the chocolate, wheat, yoghurts and milk drinks comes in a more affordable size that every home can afford.

With vitamin B12, B6 and B3 children are guarantee with good health, quick growth, stronger teeth and sharper mind in assimilating every bit of lessons taught in schools, it also helped in the revitalization of weak cells in adult. Milk as we all know is life, so with the improved Viju milk drinks, vitamin A, B, C, D are sure ingredients added in the milk drinks that will certainly help every consumer leave  a healthy life.


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