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KairowebTV Pioneers Online PR, Social Media Communication Platform

 KairowebTV, the proprietary and sole online-TV network in Nigeria, on Tuesday launched its online PR and social media communication platform, DigitalPR-Wire which has been specifically designed for online press releases, distribution, monitoring, analytics and social media communication enterprise solution.
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DigitalPR-Wire is a web, hosted media intelligence solution designed to distribute, socially amplify and push press release and new stories across 250+ online media outlets and influencers with a potential reach of 80 million within 24 hours.
It enables users monitor all news stories, media influencer pick-ups and give detailed visibility report with links to stories on media outlets including, yahoo news, CNET, Reuters, CNN, Tech Crunch, CNBC and Brandish.
DigitalPR-Wire was developed by Cihan Group, in cooperation with its award-winning providers of global media intelligence and content publishing partners which include PRNewswire, Sendible, Votigo, Folcon and Agility. Tailored to meet the requirements of DigitalPR-Wire’s clients, DigitalPR-Wire incorporates elements of its developers’ partner’s technology and KairowebTV proprietary social media communication solution,
Celestine Achi, Group Managing Director of Cihan Group, said DigitalPR-Wire also incorporates real time online monitoring and alerting system, campaign analytics to enable users measure and evaluate the success of their communication effort and run social media contents and social media management to aid publishing of stories across all social media network at the same time.
The platform can schedule post in advance, get shortened link, engage with the users’s audience and measure ROI from all-in-one dashboard, as well as live streaming of events that connect with key stakeholders.
Achi who is also a founder of KairowebTV and DigitalPR-Wire further said: “Our new online PR and social communication platform takes DigitalPR-Wire’s service to the next level with its new communication and intelligent capabilities. Now, more than ever, we can help our clients to ensure that the right information is channeled to the right people in the right format and at the right time. Its intuitive interface makes it very easy to use, while the solution is also quick and easy to implement.”

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