Nigerians, Others To Enjoy eXPhone On board Turkish Airlines


Europe’s Best Airline for the sixth consecutive year, Turkish Airlines has introduced its new in-flight mobile connectivity through “eXPhone” for an uninterrupted communication for Nigerians and other passengers on board of the aircrafts

As an extension of Wi-Fi and live TV availability on its Boeing B777 and Airbus A330 aircrafts, Turkish Airlines now offers a mobile internet connectivity by eXphone to its guests, by April, 2017.

By using this service, passengers will be able to send text messages (excluding voice messages), check their e-mails and browse internet (including socia lmedia platforms) with their own mobile phones.

The passenger will be informed by the cabin crew about the service’ current availability for on-board use, after the take-off.

Also passengers will be able to use exPhone service automatically provided that the “Data Roaming” mode is activated on their mobile phones till the flight is ready for landing.

The eXPhone service, offered in close cooperation with Panasonic/AeroMobile, has successfully been tested on board during a flight with the participations of our relevant authorities, via one of our cabin attendant’ mobile phone.

The eXPhone service will be billed by the passengers’ mobile phone operators, and the prices will vary depending on their individual roaming contracts.

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