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24 Months Of Mould Breaking Campaigns



7even Interactive
                                  L-R: Justin Ukaegbu of Fidelity Bank, Taiwo Agboola, COO, 7even Interactive; Yusuf Oladimeji and Benedict Uzor both of Corporate Communications department, Fidelity Bank during 7even Interactive 2nd year anniversary in Lagos recently. 




The last couple of years characterized the by economic recession sing-song to some means a “no no” to business and entrepreneurship.  Surprisingly, at the height of it, two years ago, 7even Interactive against commonplace prediction, opened its doors for the business in the seemingly saturated marketing communications business environment.


24th February, the agency’s anniversary date almost slipped by like any other, no thanks to work pressure in the agency but its management managed to spare a few hours albeit low-key to celebrate with close associates and reflect on the its past 24 months of being in business while gearing up for a more challenging and rewarding future.


To say the least the past 24 months have been challenging says the suave but unassuming, COO, 7even Interactive, Taiwo Agboola, “We came at a tough time when businesses were either cutting down on sizes or right sizing while some were out rightly closing operation but young as we were, we were determined and ready to push the envelope and change the industry graph  in positive light”.


Indeed, the agency was “challenged, encouraged and inspired by our crop clients to keep our eyes on the ball with a possibility mindset” explains Taiwo adding that to be relevant to our clients and their businesses, the young agency cannot afford to do otherwise.


In concrete terms, within the last 24 months of opening its doors, the 7even Interactive “challenge” inspired by the clients has paid off. The agency has berthed signature, mould-breaking creative campaigns and outstanding marketing solutions for clients.


Fidelity Bank has the credit of being the first on the agency’s clients’ roster. Between the two, the award winning “Tough Job” thematic campaign and its various executions have positioned the bank and the agency in glowing lights among their target publics. The campaign which won 8 awards at the 2016 LAIF award is described as a whole new concept in advertising banking and financial services. The campaign also got an international nomination and recognition at Marrakech, Morocco (2016) Advertising Festival award.  The agency’s performance at the LAIF ranked it at an impressive 8th position on the table of Nigeria’s creative shops.  The agency’s other clients include – Mainone, British Council and Paradise Estates Ltd to mention a few.


7even Interactive’s  Midas touch is not only noticeable on clients’ businesses the agency towards the close of 2016 engaged in self sponsored advocacy campaign against the chronic societal ill, rape, as its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) contribution to the Nigerian society and humanity in general.


The novelty, surprise element, the cause, its import and concept of the campaign tagged “Frixion Vodka” instantly endeared it to Nigerians with notable elite celebrities such as Kate Henshaw, Toni Kan, Praise, Simi among others volunteering to partner with the agency in its unique fight against this age-old social malaise, rape.


Going forward, the agency is determined more than ever before to up its ante in berthing more parity breaking campaigns that provide solution to marketing challenges. “We are young and have what it takes to drive this industry in the light of the new market realities especially in this era of digital awakening and highly mobile target audience”, Taiwo urges his colleagues as all braces up for the challenges ahead as the agency revs into its 3rd year of operation which promises to be more fun and exciting than the last 24 months.




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