TINK Africa Starts Innovation School, Celebrates 2nd Anniversary

Tink Africa
Franklin Ozekhome, Founder, TINK Africa

Africa’s leading digital storytelling platform and foremost Consumer trendspotting website, TINK (Trends + Intelligence Network), has launched an Innovation School at its Second Anniversary/Open Day held recently at its Ogudu office in Lagos.

TINK Africa which started two years ago as a consumer insights and trend spotting platform, published a Consumer Trend Report entitled: Wired For The Future: Decoding the Nigerian Consumer, and trends website, ‘Trends Worth Billions’ that became accessible to advertisers, agencies and premium subscribers.

In February, the ‘bschool’ officially commenced academic activities as a result of popular demand for fresh thinking on the future of marketing, consumer analytics, strategic planning and agility, business intelligence, digital planning, brand strategy development, multimedia content design, transmedia storytelling, brand planning and innovation.

In a chat with Brand Communicator, Franklin Ozekhome, chief strategist at Leo Burnett and founder, TINK Africa, explained the rationale behind floating a consumer insights and trends innovation platform: “A couple of years ago, I felt it was time the right time for marketing communication professionals to understudy consumer trends as a specialized offering to clients; it was imperative to understand what influenced human behaviour, attitudes, lifestyles and  preferences. It was preferable to know the cause of a particular trend wave, and not just the effect of what had transpired. In monitoring trends systematically, brands were now at a vantage point to connect more powerfully with people and vice-versa.

“Trends help us to differentiate what’s pop and what’s hot. It’s continually evolving. Trends are like waves in the beach: it comes and goes. What we do is try to navigate where it is coming from and where it is going to.”

Speaking further on the school and the courses offered, Franklin explained:

The ‘bschool’ is a Popculture Academy, designed specifically for thinkers, strategists, futurists, trendspotters and innovators.

It’s the New School for geniuses.

Our mission is to inspire first-class students to redesign and drive the future of business, the future of marketing, the future of communications, the future of advertising, the future of media, the future of design, the future of human connections, the future of consumerism, and the future of humanity.

The school’s curriculum was designed by a faulty team, which comprises a global trendspotter, a pan-African award winning creative director, a business strategist and marketing intelligence expert, a brand communication practitioner, a top management consultant, and of course, myself. The curriculum is modeled for a 12-month / 4-Cycle Plan, and upgraded continuously to reflect global thinking, professional world-class standards yet inspired by local trends, insights and cultural context.

Currently, the bschool offers academic and professional programs that include innovation workshops, inspire sessions and bootcamps.

The professional course modules are:

Ministry of Strategy

Future Of Advertising (foA)

Media & Digital

Consumer Insights Lab

Speaking further on bschool, Mr. Ogunwale Sinmidele, marketing manager of TINK Africa, explained that course modules were sometimes customized for students and organizations based on their career objectives and business goals respectively. He commented further, “the bschool provides a co-working lounge for startups and an Accelerator Hub for entrepreneurs.” We assign mentors, coaches and strategists to work closely with members to ensure optimal performance during an agreed time frame.”

TINK Africa is an insights platform that allows brands, marketers and advertising agencies connect with consumer trends, disruptive innovations and emergent pop cultural phenomena in Africa.


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