Fanta, Sprite Safe For Consumption – Expert

…Says No Need To Panic

Dr. Kerry Matilda, Founder, George Kerry Life Foundation.

Following the attendant panic that preceded the recent court order on Fanta and Sprite use of preservatives like Benzoic acid, medical experts have come out to assure consumers of the brand that the drinks are safe for consumption.


One of such experts, Mrs. Matilda Kerry, founder of George Kerry Life Foundation and public health physician working for the past ten years to improve the health of women in Nigeria and in Africa as a whole, has this to say:


“Medically this product has been proven to have a safe amount preservative in it. We just need to take it in moderation. Even too much of water intoxicates. People have died due to too much intake of water. When we decide to take these drinks we should put into consideration the sugar level and all.”


According to the health practitioner, the problem with the average Nigerian is ignorance and the willingness to take out time to investigate issues before accepting it. She advised consumers to ask questions and get proper information before getting into a state of panic.

“You seek for information before you go into panic mood. Many social media platforms these days give fake information. People should be careful of where they get their information”, she said.


“I bought one park of the product when I had that information.  I asked myself what to do about it. Next thing, I did my research as a scientist and doctor. My findings revealed that most soft drinks in the country today contain the same amount of preservatives we are all afraid about.


“There is no need to panic about this product because it’s the same amount of preservation that is in every other soft drink products we take in, unless you want to boycott all the product sitting on your kitchen cabinet” , she concluded.


Matilda founded the George Kerry Life Foundation in 2007. She has since set up community based cervical and breast cancer awareness and screening programs which have screened 8000 women, provided pre-cancer treatment and educated over 100,000 families free or at highly subsidized rates.



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