GTCORP Introduces Next Gen Fire Fighting Systems to Nigeria

GTCORP International Limited, a leading firefighting service provider is changing the way of fighting fire disaster by introducing the latest Mobile High Pressure Fire Fogging System (MHPFFS) firefighting solution into the Nigerian market.
The technology is an internationally tried and tested system that has amazing results and gives customers peace of mind from fire outbreaks.
According to the managing director of GTCORP International Limited, Engr. Mike Adeosoba, “MHPFFS is a “first attack” fire fighting solution designed for commercial, industrial and residential Sectors to tackled A & B Class fires.
These systems are Independent “stand alone” fire fighting products with Complete Foam Induction systems, installed on wheels (mobile) and therefore can be rapidly deployed from one section of a building to another section with ease.
“Since the dawn of man, fire has been both a welcome friend and an unforgiving enemy to mankind. Commercial and residential fires strike thousands of times each year causing a large number of deaths and billions of naira of damage and losses in critical infrastructure, asset and property.
These statistics motivated the development, introduction and distribution of this next generation of firefighting systems, a unique industrial high pressure, low volume flow Fire Suppression Systems, which produces the perfect droplet size that significantly reduces the risk of loss from fire,” Engr. Mike Adeoso bastated
He stated that having the product is like having your own personal fire service ready for any emergencies.  The MHPFFS incorporates the latest in High Pressure Technology and uses low volumes of water to produce an effective extinguishing media .For instance, a vehicle fire takes around 1800 liters of water and about 30mintues of firefighting to extinguish fire, the MHPFFS on the other hand can extinguish the same fire in about 120 seconds using less than 30 liters of water. “It therefore can be said that the systems fights fire in the fastest time with the least amount of water causing the least amount of damage” he said.
The MHPFFS offers the level of security and safety that can be measured in lives saved and property losses that are averted. The benefits of this tested product are now been made available to the broader Nigerian commercial and consumer markets by GTCORP International Limited. The fire protocols adopted will indicate in the first 5 minutes of any fire outbreak if the fire will remain a small emergency or become a major disaster. The challenges facing the Fire Services (lack of funds, water, equipment etc) in Nigeria makes an “in house” Industrial fire suppression option a necessity. “At presently, we are seeing that the damage to property is already done before the fire service arrives.”
The MHPFFS unit produces ultra fine water droplets at high pressure (2900psi) which immediately turns to steam on coming into contract with the fire. As the water droplets turns to steam they expand over 1640 times absorbing all the fire’s heat energy and using all the oxygen content in and around the fire. This brings about an instant temperature drop and the fire is rapidly knocked down (if a class A / B additive is used the extinguish time can be reduce further). Minimal water is required for outstanding fire fighting capabilities because 90% of the water is utilized; this therefore reduces the amount of water needed for fire suppression and also the amount of water to be carried. Fire attack time is dramatically increased for any given amount of water available. The MHPFFS not only helps fight fire fast, it minimizes deadly smoke production, one of the leading causes of fatalities in residential and commercial fire outbreaks, by turning black smoke white in seconds the MHPFFS expels un-burnt fuel and poisonous gases when the fog expands.
The MHPFFS represents a quantum leap forward in terms of technology advancement in effective fire fighting solutions in the area of quality, versatility, and fire safety. It is an all in one truly impressive and dependable fire fighting product.

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