CWAY Celebrates 10 Years of Nutri-Milk

Deputy General Manager, Sales and Marketing, Moses Wang General Manager Figo Zheng and Deputy Director administration, Tony Ojuomola CWAY at the press briefing.

By Janet Udogu
CWAY Group, a multinational company specialised in the production of beverages, treated water, dispensers and whole sales product distribution across countries in Africa and Asia, celebrates a decade of producing CWAY Nutri Milk.
At a conference to mark the 10th anniversary in Lagos, Tony Ojuomola, Deputy Director Administration, CWAY Nigeria, pledged the company’s commitment to continue to build on the successes recorded in the last one decade.
In his words: “We are happy that one of our top brands is clocking 10. The product that has stood the test of time and made us develop a good relationship with our business partners, loyal consumers and has also brought profit and growth to the company and created employment for many.”
Nutri-Milk according to Ojuomola, is not just a brand but a premium brand of an idea that translated into a brand in the line of production in CWAY that calls for celebration.
In a similar vein, Figo Zheng, General Manager, CWAY, appreciated their numerous customers for their undying belief in their products as well as support for the last 10 years. Zheng equally assured Nigerians that the quality of Nutri-Milk will be sustained despite the current economic state and exchange rate.
Established in 2004, CWAY Food and Beverages Nigeria Limited officially had her market brand product launch with Apple and Peach fruit drinks as the initial products.  Later in the spring of 2007, Nutri-Milk (520ml) was produced to be part of the product line. 


Other inclusions in the CWAY beverage product line are Tigo Milk Drink and Nutri Milk Super Kids, special brand formulations with healthy functional nutrients for good growth and development in children.

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