Maranatha TV Channel To Enhance Nigerians’ Viewing Experience

Maranatha tv
Titi Fasuyi, CEO, MTVC.
The Chief Executive Officer of the relatively new online television channel, Maranatha Television Channel (MTVC), Mrs. Titi Fasuyi has explained that the new  television channel was introduced by the organization,  few months ago,  to enhance the viewing experiences of Nigerians and further boost the nation’s broadcast space.
Announcing the debut of the Channel’s live television streaming service, Mrs. Fasuyi noted that though faith-based, the television channel, is not restricted to religious programming alone; since it boasts of an array of  programmes, spanning sports, entertainment and socials, among others.
She explained that the service which is actively available on social media, such as YouTube, UStreaming, Facebook, Google and others, is targeted at subscribers, who prefer to explore other tv channels besides the traditional terrestrial tv and cable packages, due to its cost efficiency.
Explaining some of the qualities that the Channel would be bringing toNthe table for its subscribers, Mrs. Fasuyi stated that the Channel is being strategically positioned to become the foremost provider of live streaming TV channel in Nigeria, through unparalleled expertise.
“The new Channel is about giving subscribers value for their money,
and that is why we are coming into the broadcast market to revolutionise the entire broadcast landscape.
 “We stream events live from any part of the  country to any desired local/international tv, Radio, Church Services and headlining events.
“As a Nigerian digital media outlet, we have strategically positioned ourselves as the foremost provider of live streaming TV channel in Nigeria by using unparalleled expertise to deliver innovative live streaming solutions at unbeatable rate,” she added.

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