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Interswitch Unveils New Thematic Brand Campaign

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Interswitch, the leading Africa-focused integrated digital payments and commerce company is unveiling a new integrated brand campaign to consolidate it’s positioning as the trusted enabler of choice for digital payments and electronic commerce across Africa.
According to a statement from the organization, These advertising materials are premised on many months of research and insight generation from consumers and concept testing to ensure that these campaigns align with the brand promises and also equally connect and resonate with the company’s target markets. Key elements of this campaign are 3 new television commercials themed: “Long live the curious”, “Special People” and “Beyond the big picture.”
“Long Live the Curious” is designed to show how curiosity is helping Interswitch change the landscape of digital payments in Nigeria and beyond. Curiosity serves as a catalyst to discoveries and innovations, without which, we would still be stuck in the Stone Age. Being curious is an important trait that has allowed us make discoveries such the world being round, the moon landing and even the internet.  Curiosity is essential to a future where challenges in business or life as we know it, are a thing of the past. As a company, Interswitch constantly seeks answers to questions that will ensure customers enjoy safer, faster and smarter transactions.
‘Special People’ brings to light how Interswitch keeps the vision of its customers in mind, developing solutions that help them stay ahead of the curve and promising to always be there ahead– wherever their imaginations lead them.
‘Beyond the Big Picture’ is about the foresight to seek out the opportunities that lie on the fringes of the big picture. It’s about not just accepting the given reason for the “why” but pursuing the “why not”. According to Interswitch it’s only when ones pushes beyond the basic perspective that they can truly anticipate and answer questions before they are even asked, making incredible discoveries along the way.
The TV spots are expected to integrate with other media platforms including Print, OOH, Digital and social, and would be exposed internationally and terrestrially.
Founded in 2002, Interswitch set out to connect all the banks in Nigeria, the biggest economy in Africa, and built the country’s payment processing and transaction switching infrastructure. Now Interswitch is the market leader in Nigeria with an expanding footprint across Africa.
The company’s bespoke e-payment solutions are used by financial and corporate institutions to facilitate e-commerce and by governments. Interswitch’s solutions have helped businesses across Africa improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and increase revenues and profitability.

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