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KESKESE: Celebrating Outstanding Experiential Creativity

Keskese team.

Tunji Faleye

Keskese Limited, one of the Nigeria’s foremost experiential marketing agencies recently emerged overall winners of the inaugural Experiential Marketing Association of Nigeria’s (EXMAN) Award.

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The agency got a total of three medals – 1 Grand Prix and 2 silver medals.

Keskese Limited is a marketing communication company that specializes in experiential marketing. It is a young, nimble and flexible agency that has earned a well-deserved reputation for always providing clients with the appropriate knowledge and resources needed to achieve their marketing goals and objectives on time, in full and within budget.

The agency won the Grand Prix with its work on Music+Re-launch (Silver For Best Event) (B2C). The campaign was a music+ a digital music platform by MTN that gave consumers the opportunity to purchase and listen to their favourite songs. It was re-launched as Music+ with a LISTENING PARTY via NOISELESS SOLUTION. Keskese introduced “NOISELESS SOLUTION (PARTY)” as an innovative concept of partying without music blaring from giant speakers but directly to your ears using special headphones with the ability to switch between two different DJs.

The re-launch Party made history as West Africa’s first noiseless party with the venue created from scratch where Kings College football field was turned into a world class party hub.

Also, the event incorporated engagement platforms such as: Customized exquisite lounges, hoover board boulevard, digital games’ parlour etc.

To cap it all, A- list MTN Music Ambassadors also performed at the event and officially unveiled Music+ theme song.

Keskese also won two silver medals; one in the Best Activation of Entertainment category for the ‘MTN & Huawei Music Night Club’ activation and the other in the Best Event category for its work on ‘MTN Music Relaunch.’

Speaking on the award won by the agency, Kayode Idowu; General Manager/Chief Operation Officer, KESKESE said, “award has the capacity to shine more lights on what we do and what we can deliver. It gives the bragging right and feels good factor because we are not one of the 1st line agencies, but if a 2nd or a 3rd line agency which is not even 10 years old can come out to win a grand prix at EXMAN award, that shows that we have done something great. This will make people to start looking at us and get more interested in what we do.

“Let me say that ‘am not too surprised that we won because I am not too sure any campaign would have been able to beat what we did in the last two years, because the idea in itself is very novel. It’s very exciting; it’s another way of listening to music. I could remember the expression when having the tour because it is something new and very interesting.”

Worth nothing are the unique propositions that helped the work to win the award. The re-launch of music plus by MTN took into consideration all the consumer touch points, so winning the EXMAN’s Grand Prix was the confirmation of excellent work put into it. It will be recalled that the work also won a global award for Digital Content Services Of The Year in the 2016 edition of the Global Telecoms Awards (GLOTEL) in London.

After the launch of music plus it also became the 2nd most downloaded after iTunes within the first 2 months, with over 1 million downloads. These are some of the results that the campaign yielded. According to Kayode, “I remember the client doubted it when we proposed it to them, but this is an experience I have had in the UK and so we assured them it will work here; we were given the opportunity and we wowed them. We trended globally for 2 hours that night and almost for 7 hours in Nigeria. That is why we belief that no other campaign would have done that as the idea itself is novel. We are excited that we were given the opportunity to work on this and we are happy that it came to live. We also have to thank the guys at MTN for giving us the opportunity of doing this with them.  We are happy because after the launch there are over 2 million subscribers on that platform with 54% active members.


Images from the award winning MTN Noiseless Party campaign.


Judging the process, Kayode said the judging process has been wonderful. The association got it right from the point of view that we asked people that are not from where we play to judge us. These are people that are well rounded almost from all the sectors in the industry. They are top people you can talk about in the sector where they work. You will also agree with me that because of that, it looks fair, so, there were very little or no interest. One of the things I also like about the process is that the guys who judged did not collate; they scored, and gave the scripts to the auditors who came up with the results. I think it is good and we need to keep up with the tempo. On that basis I would say we have done well. In terms of the organisation also, I think that if we are not able to put up a show, that will be a shame on us because that is what we do and you will also agree with me that it was colourful. The only area we need to work on is the part of members coming early as people didn’t show up in time using the Nigerian mentality of ‘African time.”

Widely acknowledged for its campaigns and productions, Keskese has developed a reputation for creating connections that positively influence how internal and external audiences feel, think and act about brands, products and services. Indeed, the experiential marketing agency has successfully demonstrated to clients that it is capable of igniting improved performance and increase sales to build strong brand loyalty through professional handling of numerous campaigns.

Essentially at Keskese Limited, it has always been to generate the most impactful, deepest and lengthiest engagement possible for its clients and their respective audiences. The agency achieves this by leveraging on its decades’ worth of industry expertise. Keskese is then able to create unique experiences for brands in fulfillment of its strong belief that every experience must be unique to the brand, the moment and the people it is engaging.

Keskese is able to deliver consistently in this manner because of its deep and rich understanding of the sectors where its clients do business. Over the years, clients have come to rely on Keskese due to its prodigious capability to excite, endear and engage customers as well as consumers in specific brand experiences.

Keskese has in its fold, dynamic and highly skilled employees who are able to proffer solutions using their varied and broad backgrounds to ensure multi-disciplinary approach to briefs. The agency also brings its combined experience of over 30 years in experiential marketing to bear on projects, having worked across sectors including fast moving consumable goods (FMCG), telecommunications, breweries and tobacco, among others.

As a member of the International Special Events Society (ISES), its people are placed in a unique position to access and harness specialists’ resources worldwide for the benefit of clients. Keskese prides itself as an experiential agency which has time and again succeeded in creating a niche for the brands on the stables of its various clients.

Beyond defining the immediate opportunity, audience and objectives, Keskese digs deeper as a way of delivering high-tech activation for its clients. The agency also strives to understand the brand positioning, company culture, overall marketing strategies and tactics to occupy a vantage position to win more consumers.

Before embarking on any activation, the agency engages in in-depth research to gain insight on current market and competitive conditions as well as industry trends. The insight serves as the foundation of its strategic plan. Keskese takes time to build and implement concepts using processes and assets necessary to bring the plan to market.

Led by Tade Adekunle as Project Consultant, Keskese takes time to build and implement concepts using processes and assets necessary to bring the plan to market. It develops analytics that formulate its custom measurement plans that are consistent from client to client and from campaign to campaign. All these are in its efforts to satisfy clients’ projections about their brands.

Through share commitment and relentless dedication, Keskese has been able to attract and retain a clientele which include: MTN, Cadbury, Unilever, Chi, Nigeria Breweries, Global Golf, OLX, Barcadi and many others. Keskese succeeded in winning these businesses because of its ability to explore creative concepts, audience lifestyle, trends and market dynamics.





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