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Weststar Associates Trains Mercedes-Benz Dealers

Weststar Associates Trains Mercedes-Benz Dealers




Weststar Associates, Authorized General Distributors of Mercedes-Benz passenger cars and commercial vehicles in Nigeria recently held one-week product training for Mercedes-Benz dealers nationwide.


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The training which was in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz Headquarters, Daimler AG, was held at Weststar’s office in Lekki, Lagos. Participants included nationwide dealers as well as dealer representatives from various African countries such as the Gambia, Rwanda, Ghana and Nigeria.


The product training which was organized by Daimler AG, was jointly coordinated by Abdul Ligali, head trainer, Weststar Associates and Uwe Strauss, certified global trainer for Mercedes-Benz passenger cars.


The training according to the auto company in a statement was aimed at equipping sales staff, customer relationship personnel and other Mercedes-Benz dealers with technical knowledge needed for the incoming products to be launched later in the year. Some of the products include the new S-class, the X-class and the recently launched GLA and GLC.


“It was quite an exciting experience, getting to interact with professionals from different countries while learning about the new Mercedes-Benz products and analyzing various African markets,” says Roopak Gorajia, Marketing director for Akagera Business Group in Kigali, Rwanda.


Since inception, Weststar has organized technical and non-technical trainings for staff, dealers, and customers in order to expand the knowledge base of all employees and meet the various needs of customers. An in-house training department was formally set up in 2012 to accommodate more trainees with over 2000 participants attending various categories of trainings such as drivers trainings, product trainings, sales trainings, customer service relationship trainings, etc.


Mirko Plath, MD/CEO, Weststar Associates noted that the training afforded all the opportunity to network.


“Considering the remarkable training facility we have here in Nigeria, we were pleased to host other countries as this exposed us to networking opportunities and new perspectives on how to expand the Mercedes-Benz market in the country,” Plath said.


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