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OAAN Urges General Public, Stakeholders To Stop Engaging Quacks


By Tunji Faleye


Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria, OAAN, has drawn the attention of general public and stakeholders in the Integrated Marketing Communications industry to the authentic certificates approved for bonafide members of the association.

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In an exclusive interview with Brand Communicator, Olufemi Ogala, General Secretary of the association said this notification became necessary in order “to make sure that those who are not members of the association, and those who impositors presenting themselves as members of the association despite not having the required certificates will be stopped from such act.”

He added that the authentic certificates for the Full Member, Associate Member and Pre-Associate Members have been published in the Guardian Newspaper of Tuesday, October 31, 2017 for the general public and IMC industry players including Media Independent Practitioners Association of Nigeria, MIPAN, Advertisers Association of Nigeria, ADVAN, Association of Advertising Agencies of Nigeria, AAAN, and Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria, APCON.

Recently, APCON began it crack down on enforcement of illegal and unlicensed outdoor practitioners infiltrating the out-of-home advertising industry in Nigeria. The enforcement, which, commenced couple of months ago  also moved to military cantonments and police barracks across the Nigeria.  Sources said the military establishments have demanded a month for those who own advertising hoardings within their barracks to secure all the necessary documentations from their sectoral body that is Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria.

It will be recalled that Lagos State Signage and Advertisement Agency, (LASAA) does not regulate out-of-home (OOH) with these military and police establishments.

And most of the illegal practitioners and unlicensed organisations have taken advantage of this to operate within these areas unchecked.

But this could not have happened without the connivance of Media Independent Practitioners of Nigeria (MIPAN) member-organisations’ support hence the APCON decision to write the body.

Therefore, MIPAN has been cautioned to desist from patronising unlicensed organisations as well as non-practitioners.

In a letter titled-Practice of Non Licenced Persons and Companies and  duly signed by the APCON Registrar/Chief Executive Officer , Alhaji Garba Bello Kankarofi with reference number (CLD/03/Vol.1/080/2016 dated 12th October 2016 was sent to the MIPAN President, Dr. Ken Onyeali-Ikpe.

The strong worded correspondence said, “We wish to bring to your attention the practice by some of your member-companies who engage the services of non-registered/licenced persons and organisations and the purchase of advertising media space/airtime from such unregistered/unlicensed persons and organisations.”

APCON reminded MIPAN of its responsibility as a key stakeholder in promoting growth within the Nigeria’s integrated marketing communications industry by supporting true and registered practitioners and organisation.

As you are aware, the letter stated, “It is a violation of Nigeria Advertising Law and Regulation for persons not registered as advertising practitioners and organisations not licensed as advertising firms to practice advertising for gain and undertake the business of advertising.”

The Advertising Practitioners (Registration, etc) CAP and Law of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004 , Part IV, Section 17 and 18 refers.






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