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Samsung To Run 200 Second Ad Of Washing Machine Cycle During Gogglebox




Samsung is looking to turn heads (literally) by running a 200 second ad of one of its latest washing machines laundry cycles during the coveted ad break of hit Channel 4 show Gogglebox on Friday 24 November.

The South Korean electronics company will look to hypnotise Brits with a painstakingly long ad break where the Samsung QuickDrive washing machine simply does what it does best in an uncut 200 seconds.

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The creative is leveraged upon research from the company that the average Brit will spend about 61.74 days of their life waiting for a washing cycle to finish. The big pay off? The washing cycle on the Samsung device takes 66 minutes, less than standard devices.

Mark Seaman, head of domestic appliances, Samsung UK and Ireland, said: “It is eye-opening to see how much of our lives slip down the drain as we hang around waiting for things to finish around the home.

“QuickDrive is the fastest and smartest Samsung washing machine ever made and this commercial shines a spotlight on the ‘performance’ of the machine itself to create a mesmerising spectacle where art meets technology.

Pete Clark, Channel 4’s agency principal, added: “Dedicating an entire ad break to showcasing nothing but the new QuickDrive in action will deliver good clean entertainment for Channel 4 viewers.”

It is the first campaign fully devised and shot by creative PR agency Taylor Herring. The agency assures it has more unusual Samsung work to come soon.

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