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AAAN Releases Agencies Nomination Shortlist For LAIF 2017


By Jeremiah Agada




It will be battle royale come Sunday evening, 13th of December at the Landmark event centre, Victoria Island when Nigerian creative agencies file out on the Lagos Advertising and Ideas Festival, LAIF, awards stage where judged creative works will be awarded.

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Just like other awards of international pedigree, the Association of Advertising Agencies of Nigeria, AAAN, has in an unprecedented move, for the first time, upped the ante of the LAIF awards by releasing the nomination shortlist of agencies and works that are up for awards as against the norm where people get to find out at the awards ceremony.

Over 15 agencies are jostling for awards in various categories and below is a breakdown of all sections and categories.



Under the Digital and Mobile section of the awards, agencies are contesting in ten categories. At the ‘Public, Political and Social Communication’ category, five agencies have been nominated for awards. They are Centrespread has two nominations-one for its ‘Shaper Dreams’ work for Teach Nigeria and the other for Airtel’s ‘Mothers Day’,  X3M Ideas with two nominations in this category, one coming from its work on Be Bold ‘XX Takeover’ job and the other for its work on World Depression Day. 7even Interactive has two entries here too for its work on Frixion and another on Brexit ‘Happy Independence’. Noah’s Ark’s Boko Halal campaign job ‘Tweet to reset’ and Culture Communications Whistle Blower’s ‘Be Honourable’ job are also in this category

The ‘Ads That Never Ran’ category is a contest between               DDB Lagos and LTC. Five works in total-two by LTC and three by DDB Lagos are up for awards. DDB’s work for Arise News has two nominations and while its ‘Democracy Day’ job for the QuickTeller brand is also among the nominations. For LTC, its two works on the Complan brand, ‘Eid’ and ‘Children’s Day’ are nominated.

Still under this section, the ‘Promotions’, ‘Food & Consumables’, ‘Travel, Tourism and Entertainment’ and ‘Non Alcoholic’ categories have only one nomination each. They are DDB’s Curiosity job, Noah’s Ark’s Peak ‘Unstoppables’ and STB McCannes’ Coca ‘Okocha Disguise’ with two nominations respectively.

In the ‘Corporate Image’ category, seven agencies are jostling for glory. DDB has the highest number of nominations with three works for the MTN brand, 7even interactive follows with two nominations while Leo Burnette, Dijo, BBDO, Culture Communications and Centrespread have one nomination apiece.

The ‘Bank, Investment & other FIN Communications’ category in this section has Yellow Brick Road’s WEMA ‘ALAT,  DKK’s ‘Master Pass’, BBDO’s Visa Card ‘Valentine’s Day’ and Leo Burnette’s MVP ‘Santa’ as works nominated for awards. In the ‘Telecoms Service’ category, Noah’s Ark’s Airtel Lost’ and ‘Unlimited data plan’ are nominated. Also nominated is 7even Interactive’s  Maine One ‘Crown of Thorns’ and DDB’s MTN ‘A Titanic Mistake’.

The last category in this section, ‘Alcoholic’, has three agencies with nominations. BBDO has three nominations for Guinness ‘Lagos@ 50’, ‘Father’s Day’ and ‘Worker’s Day’ job. Etu Odi follows closely with two nominations for its work on 33 Export and Gulder. Culture Communications also has a nomination for its Trophy ‘Yobo Awon Honourable’ job.



The film section of the awards has eight categories. The ‘Food & Consumables’ category of this section is a solo agency affair as only Noah’s Ark has two nominations for its work on Three Crowns ‘Fitness Challenge’ and ‘Smoothie’. The ‘Non Alcoholic’ and ‘Ads That Never Ran’ categories have only one nomination each which are STB’s Coca Cola ‘Okocha Disguise’ and DKK’s 2 in 1 card ‘MIMC’ respectively.

DDB Lagos dominates the ‘Corporate Image’ category, with a whopping eight nominations for its works on Interswitch, QuickTeller, Verve, MTN and Youtube. The other agency in this category is Up In The Sky with only one nomination for its Etisalat ‘Close Shot’ work.

In the ‘Banking, Investment and other FIN Services’ category, DDB again dominates nomination with seven entries for different works on MTN, First Bank, Verve and QuickTeller brands while Leo Burnette has two entries nominated for its work on Heritage Bank and Crusader Insurance. Other nominations that make up the category are 7even Interactive’s Fidelity Bank ‘Our World’ and TBWA’s Stanbic Bank ‘Wedding’ jobs.

X3M Ideas’ Martell ‘Be Curious’ and DDB’s Johnnie Walker ‘Digital Master’ are the only works slugging it out in the Alcoholic category with Noah’s Ark that has two nominations. Centrespread and Culture Communications play it out in the ‘Public, Political and Social Communication category.

The ‘Telecom Services’’ category of this sector most probably has the highest number of nominations with 26 entries. DDB and Noah’s Ark both lead other agencies in terms of nominated works with nine entries each. They are followed by X3M Ideas and SO&U with eight entries while BBDO has two entries in this category.

The last category in this section is for ‘Promotions’. SO&U dominates this turf with five entries for its works on the Glo brand while Up In The Sky also has a showing here with a nomination for its work on Etisalat.






The Outdoor section of the awards is also grouped into eight categories. Culture Communications plays alone in the ‘Ads That Never Ran’ Category with two nominations for ‘Sweet’ and ‘Sweet You Can Ride’ job it did for the Honeywell brand. DDB dominates the ‘Alcoholic’ category with four nominations, three for works on Johnnie Walker and one on McDowells while Dijo Communicationsalso has a nomination for its ‘Unlock’ job on Castle Lite, same as BBDO with nomination for its ‘Lagos @ 50’ work for Guinness.

While BBDO, DDB and X3M battle it out in the ‘Corporate Image’ category, Leo Burnette is the sole agency with two nominations for its ‘North Meyam’ and ‘Okro’ jobs in the ‘Foods and other Consumables’ category.

In the ‘Non-Alcoholic’ category, there is only one nomination and it is from the stables of SO&U for its ‘Herbs Censored Text ad’ for Malta Guinness. Under ‘Promotion’, Leo Burnette again plays alone for its work on the Maggi brand with two nominations while SO&U slug it out with Verdant zeal in the ‘ Public, Political and Social Communication’ category.

The last category in this section, ‘Telecoms Services’ has only X3M Ideas with two nominations  for its Etisalat ‘School Cup’ and 9Mobile ‘Launch Girl’ works.



The press section of LAIF has the highest number of categories at 15. The breakdown is as follows: the ‘Pharmacy and Healthcare’ category has two agencies participating with four nominations. Noah’s Ark has three of those nominations for its works on Hypo while DDB has one nomination for its work on the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria.

SO&U plays solo in the ‘Food and Other Consumables’ category with one nomination for its Glo ‘Nasfat plan’. The ‘Press’ category has eight agencies vying for honours with 18 nominations. DDB takes a chunk of those nominations with eight entries, X3M Ideas and SO&U four entries each; Leo Burnette, Verdant Zeal and Culture Communications all have one nomination apiece.

For the ‘telecomm Service’ category, X3M Ideas has four nominated entries, DDB three, Noah’s Ark two and SO&U, one. For the ‘Travel and Tourism’ category, BBDO has a nomination for its Wakanow ‘Kenya’ job while DDB completes this group with three nominations for its work on Travelsat.

For the ‘Food & Other Consumables’ category, Adeptus has a nomination for its Chicken Republic ‘Mega Phone’ job, Noah’s Ark has three for its work on the Three Crowns brand and 7even Interactive has two from its work on Café Neo.

The ‘Ads That Never Ran’ category has nine nominated entries from X3M Idea, six from Noah’s Ark for its work on the GOtv brand, two from SO&U and one apiece from Adeptus, 7even Interactive and Culture Communications. There are only two nominations in the ‘Alcoholic beverages’ category with entries from BBDO and DDB.

Verdant Zeal’s Peugeot ‘He’s risen’ and DDB’s Globe Motors ‘Safety’ are the only two nominations in this category while DDB leads list of nominated entries in the ‘Banking, Investment and FIN Communication’ category with six entries while SO&U and Leo Burnette complete the category with one nomination each.

For the ‘Corporate Image’ category, 7even interactive leads with four nominations, X3M Ideas and BBDO follow with two each while DDB, SO&U and Verdant Zeal complete the category with one nomination each. In the ‘General Hardware & Equipment’ category, DDB plays solo with two nominations for its work on the Infinix brand.

The ‘Miscellaneous’ category has only three nominations with two from Etu Odi for its Keexs ‘Yoruba Tools’ and Blue Water Lekki job. SO&U also has a nomination for its Rubiks ‘Rubik Cube’ job. The ‘Non Alcoholic’ category has two agencies with one nomination each. They are for SO&U Malta Guinness ‘Herb Censored’ and 7even Interactive’s Café Neo ‘Alphabet’. SO&U plays alone in the ‘Petroleum’ category with a nomination for its Conoil ‘Democracy Day Drive’ job.



With ten categories in this section, DDB plays solely in the ‘General Hardware’ category with its Thermocool ‘Demo The Will’ jingle. For the ‘Pharmaceutical and Healthcare’ category, Noah’s Ark ‘Mother In-law’ and STB’s Robb ‘Robb 1 in’ jingles are nominated. 141 Worldwide, Adeptus and 7even Interactive with a nomination each are in the race for laurels in the ‘Ads That Never Ran’ category.

In the ‘Automobile’ category, 7even Interactive plays alone with two nominations for its ‘Difficult Names’ and ‘Yakoyo’ jingles for Uber. ‘Banking, Investment and FIN Communication’ category has DDB with three nominated entries slugging it out with Leo Burnette and SO&U with two each and DKK with a nomination for its ‘Master Pass’ jingle for Mastercard.

At the ‘Food & Other Consumables’ category, Leo Burnette again gets a nomination for its ‘Get More Goodness’ jingle on the Maggi brand while Noah’s Ark get two nomination on its Peak ‘Ben 10’ and Indomie ‘Belleful’ jingles.

For the ‘Promotions’ category, 7even Interactive gets two nominations on the jingles it created for the Uber brand and Leo Burnette also gets one for its work on Maggi. Under ‘Telecomms services,’ Noah’s Ark has ten nominated entries, DDB four, BBDO three and Centrespread, one.

Lastly under this section, the ‘Travel & Tourism’ category has only 7even Interactive playing on this turf with two nominations for its jingles for British Council.



This is the only category in this section. X3M Ideas has two nominations for its ‘XX takeover’ and ‘9Mobile’ campaign. Noah’s Ark’s Three Crowns ‘Fitness’ campaign also features here. DKK, DDB and Yellow Brick Road are other players here with one nomination each.



Vying for laurels in the ‘Best Use Of Digital and Social Media’ category are seven agencies. 7even Interactive, TBWA, X3M Ideas, DKK, Up In The Sky and Noah’s Ark have one nomination each here while DDB has two nominated works.



Under this section, there are four categories. Under ‘Best Production and Art Direction’, DDB leads with five nominated works, X3M Ideas follows with three, Noah’s Ark and Up In The Sky with two each and Centrespread and SO&U, one each. In the ‘Best Use of TV Animation’, Noah’s Ark, X3M, SO&U and DDB each have one nominated entry in this category.

In the ‘Best Use of Music’, Noah’s Ark and X3M ideas have two nominated entries apiece while Leo Burnette and DDB have one each. The last category, ‘Best Film Editing’ has DDB with four nominated entries, BBDO and X3M with three each, 141 Worldwide with two each, SO&U, Leo Burnette and Up In The Sky with one each.



With three categories in this section, the ‘Best Use of Copy’ category has DDB leading other agencies with seven nominated entries, BBDO and X3M Ideas follow with three entries each,, 141 with two and TBWA with one.

In ‘Best Use of Music’, DDB also leads with three nominated entries while SO&U, X3M and 141 Worldwide have a nomination each. The last category, ‘Casting and Performance’ has 19 nominations in all. With six nominations, X3M leads the pack, followed by DDB with four, BBDO with three, 7even Interactive, 141 and Centrespread with two each.



This last section has four categories. In the ‘Best Use of Art Direction’, DDB has six nominations, followed by X3M with five, TBWA with two, YBR, Adeptus and 141 with one each.

With 22 nominations, the ‘Best Use of Photo Manipulation’ category has DDB with more entries-ten precisely, followed by X3M Ideas with six, Noah’s Ark and TBWA with two each and Verdant Zeal and BDDO with one apiece.

X3M Ideas leads in the ‘Best Use of Copy’ category with six nominated entries. They are followed by DDB with three, and Leo Burnette, 141, TBWA and 7even Interactive with one each.

In the last category, ‘Best Use of Original Photography’, BDDO has the lone entry here for its ‘More Than You Can Beer’ job on Guinness.





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