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Bundesliga Introduces Virtual Advertising After Dfl Gives Green Light



02-BundesligaAfter a successful programme of live testing, the German Football League (DFL) has approved the regular use of virtual perimeter advertising in the Bundesliga from the start of the 2018/19 season using a system developed by Supponor and LED technology provider ADI.

Supponor’s technology is fully integrated with the regular broadcast of a match using perimeter boards and optics technology. The result of this is that the advertising space is multiplied virtually, through the creation of broadcast standard virtual overlays of the physical perimeter boards.

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Whilst audiences in Germany will not experience any difference in the stadium or on screen, different brands can occupy the same space on the existing perimeter boards and advertise to different markets via the TV broadcast. The system is currently being used in LaLiga and has been tested in the UK at Watford FC.

Charlie Marshall, COO of Supponor, explains: “Following a successful process of collaboration and technology integration with the DFL and partners, we have now made audience-targeted perimeter advertising a reality in the German Bundesliga.

“Everyone at Supponor is now looking forward to deploying our augmented reality technology to help drive the incremental value for our existing and new Bundesliga partners that comes from delivering audience-relevant, high-quality virtual LED advertising.”


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