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Coca-Cola Set To Release 2018 FIFA W/Cup Anthem On March 16




Coca-Cola is set to release its promotional uplifting anthem recorded for 2018 FIFA World Cup on March 16 as global football fans gear up for the biggest sport competition.

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Coke partnered with multiplatinum-selling pop star Jason Derulo to craft a song that reflects its values of optimism and inclusion, and that celebrates the vibrancy and excitement of the FIFA World Cup and its role in bringing people together.

The anthem is a rallying cry for fans around the world to embrace their “colours”, a concept that extends beyond country flags and team jerseys.

“We wanted to team up with one of the world’s truly global artists to create a unifying soundtrack that could represent everything our brand stands for,” said Brad Ross, director of global football marketing at Coca-Cola. “And Jason absolutely nailed it.”

“The message has a much deeper meaning,” Ross said. “It’s a call to action to celebrate and be proud of everything you represent, no matter where you come from. It’s a powerful and universal statement that really brings our campaign to life.”

Sonically, “Colors” is a musical melting pot of genres and cultures. “When you set out to make a World Cup anthem, you want to create something international that fans around the world can enjoy,” Derulo explained. “This song has an island vibe. It has African rhythms. And it has a Latin influence with the guitar. I meshed all of these things together and added a stadium feel so everyone can feel like it’s their sound.”

Derulo collaborated with a diverse array of international artists – from Switzerland, to Saudi Arabia, to South Africa – on a series of local remixes of “Colors” to be released in the next two weeks.

The partnership with Derulo marks the latest chapter in Coke’s global marketing campaign for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, following the brand’s signing of its first-ever-virtual ambassador, Alex Hunter, for the EA FIFA 18 game, and the kickoff of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola. Ross said he hopes the song – and Derulo’s international appeal – will create an “onramp” to the campaign for a wide range of consumers, who might not all be hardcore football fans.

Music has been a part of Coke’s FIFA World Cup marketing efforts for the past two FIFA World Cups. The brand collaborated with K’Naan in 2010 and David Correy in 2014.






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