KFC Returns To Former Distributor In Wake Of Chicken Shortage Fiasco






KFC has restored ties with its former chicken distributor Bidvest in the wake of a disastrous switch of its logistics contract to DHL, which resulted in the temporary closure of hundreds of restaurants as stock ran out.

The volte-face comes just one month after the bungled switch from Bidvest to DHL began and sees Bidvest pledge a ‘seamless return’ to supply 350 of the chains 900 UK and Ireland restaurants.

Prior to 13 February Bidvest served as sole supplier for the fast food chains operations across the British Isles.

DHL has blamed software developed by Quick Service Logistics and ‘operational’ issues at its Rugby depot for its failure to deliver the goods,

A KFC spokesperson said: “Our focus remains on ensuring our customers can enjoy our chicken without further disruption.

“With that in mind, the decision has been taken in conjunction with QSL and DHL to revert the distribution contract for up to 350 of our restaurants in the north of the UK back to Bidvest Logistics.

“We’ve been working hard to resolve the present situation with QSL and DHL. This decision will ease pressure at DHL’s Rugby depot, to help get our restaurants back to normal as quickly as possible.”

KFC is still battling with the after effects of the breakdown in its supply chain with 3% of its restaurants still shut and others offering only ‘limited menus’ two weeks after being forced to apologise to customers in a responsive print ad.



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