Kwesé TV Targets Marketing Enthusiasts With New Show

  • Marketing, Media and Money debuts on Kwesé Inc. channel


Kwese tv

Kwesé TV has introduced a new television show called Marketing, Media and Money which will engage and pique the interest of marketing professionals and enthusiasts.

Marketing, Media and Money commenced airing on Wednesday 18 April on Kwesé’s exclusive channel dedicated to programming for entrepreneurs, Kwesé Inc. The show discusses advertising and the business of brands, international trends, industry obstacles and opportunities. It also includes interviews of chief marketing officers (CMOs) of some of the world’s biggest brands such as Unilever and HSBC.

With the emergence of digital marketing, the show also explores how brands are allocating advertising budgets between traditional and digital media to optimize their advertising spends; how brands – some spanning over a century – are innovating to remain relevant in increasingly competitive markets and lots more.

Episodes of Marketing, Media and Money feature; toy manufacturing company, Lego; consumer goods company, Unilever; pharmaceutical company, GSK; international hotel chain, Hilton Hotels; Heineken; financial institutions HSBC and RBS; Manchester City Football Club; Mars chocolate bar and Formula One.

Viewers can join global branding and reputation architect, Thebe Ikalafeng and advertising guru, Gordon Muller on Kwesé Inc., channel 305, on Wednesdays at 12pm or 3.30pm as they discuss advertising, the business of brands and profile leading CMOs.

Kwesé Inc. is a Kwesé owned-channel and the go-to-guide for real enterprise advice and insight with programmes such as; Face to Face, The Mavericks, How I Made My Millions and Shark Tank.




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