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dozie mbanefo
Engineer Dozie Mbanefo

The Out-Of-Home (OOH) sector of the IMC industry in Nigeria was the worst hit by the recession that destabilised the country’s economy in 2015. Coupled with its challenges of multiple taxation / over taxation, community issues with Area boys and land grabbers, public power supply problem, unfriendly regulations and cut in outdoor spend; the sector had a crisis situation in its hand.

The Mediafacts report of MediaReach in 2013 showed that outdoor advertising revenue reached N23.8billion in 2013, but declined to N20.1 billion in 2015. TMKG, an OOH audit and consulting firm, posited that while Q1 to Q3 gross sales was estimated at N30.7 billion, 57% of the market’s inventory estimated at N20.9 billion were unsold within the same review period. As at early November, about 70% of all LED boards in the city of Lagos were ‘foreclosed’ by the Lagos State Signage & Advertisement Agency (LASAA) due to prolonged indebtedness.

In the midst of all these uncertainties, New Crystal Communications Limited, NCCL, remained undaunted and unfazed by the challenges in the industry, if anything, the OOH agency is built on a strong foundation that has seen it weather the storm and ride the waves of the turbulent recession when it lasted.

The agency has remained at the forefront of growing the industry, sustaining quality service delivery and innovation drive which has impacted positively on the economy. NCCL is among very few proactively revolutionary agencies that led the evolution of the sector, taking it beyond billboards as the major offering to the current digital age where interactive visuals and audio help in driving call-to-action which LCD and LED screens provide.

Local, Pan African as well as global recognitions and awards attest to agency’s leadership in the OOH space.

With over 50 digital boards spread across the country, New Crystal Communications is undoubtedly a major player in the business of Out-of-Home advertising. The agency continues to expand its footprints and as such currently has more than 1,000 outdoor displays across West Africa.

Boards deployed by the agency to expose customers’ products and services to customers include large format billboard structures, digital billboard (LED) Ultra Waves, Scrolling billboards, unipoles, rooftops, backlit. Others include gantries/bridge signs, bus shelters, mobile advertising, indoor signs that are of world standards.

Led by Engineer Dozie Mbanefo who is the Chief Executive Officer of the company, the agency has continued to grow at a tremendous pace. With his guidance, the company has come to appreciate the importance of quality and hard work, priding itself on training staff to the highest level to ensure the demands and challenges of precision production are met to ensure client satisfaction.

With a client base covering numerous business sectors in the country, the company has grown to be known as one of the most trusted outdoor advertising companies in West Africa with clients covering both the public and private sectors like banking, telecommunications, Oil companies, Electronic manufactures, Local, State and Federal Governments, Hotels, Breweries and many other high profile sectors.


Pioneering Technovation In OOH

New Crystal Communications Limited is a high-tech agency and has always invested the latest technology to grow the OOH business. This has helped the agency over the years to progressively and impressively tow the path of excellence in its service delivery. Indeed, New Crystal Communications represents the urbane and sophisticated outdoor brand in today’s out-of-home business.

Interestingly, this drive has not gone unrecognised among OOH stakeholders in Nigeria and across Africa. For instance, in 2015, the agency was awarded the Most Technologically Driven Outdoor Agency of the Year at the Nigerian Brand Awards.

Impressively, New Crystal Communications Limited raised the bar of competition in 2016 by placing some of its boards on Google Map to enable its clients gain video access to their boards across the country including the 48 sheets.

That year, Dozie told Brand Communicator that the Google application deployed by the agency will strictly centre on pictures of the boards such that if any client decides to Google a location where his brand is exposed, he will be able to see board clearly as long as he is connected to the internet. He added that the agency is always at the forefront of introducing new ideas into the market because “Innovation for us is developing what other people have not done and we will continue to strive and give our best to the industry.”

Mbanefo explained that the main focus of New Crystal Communications is to be recognized in the industry as a great agency that never compromises on quality and excellence at all times. This is why, he said, the agency is relentless in its efforts to tap into innovations on the global scene as new forms of outdoor advertising emerge. The agency does not merely remain abreast of developments in the global outdoor advertising scene, it ensures that new innovations are adapted to local needs in the best form possible.

New Crystal Communications

New Crystal Over The Years

Since its inception as an outdoor advertising company in 1998, New Crystal has quickly risen to lead the market with its innovative approach, introducing a number of world-class services to the Nigerian market and earning itself a prestigious position within the Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria (OAAN).

The agency has risen to its enviable position based on its core values and operational philosophies. Propelled by the best professional and industry ethos and norms, and gingered by its vision to be an industry leader in the pursuit of quality and services excellence, New Crystal Communications has gone extra miles to remain a delightful partner to all its stakeholders including employees, suppliers and customers.

And with a mission to provide excellent satisfaction in all that it does for the benefit of its customers, staff, suppliers and communities as well as ensuring a profitable growth – New Crystal Communications Limited has invoked the best practices in the sector to achieve utmost customer and employee’s approval.

Dozie further explains, “We believe that being a nationwide OOH Advertising provider with sites across Nigeria, versatility in products portfolio, innovation in location, structures and format plus great integrity and service delivery excellence differentiate us.

“When we looked at the industry, we discovered that support services to the OOH industry were poor. The support services I refer to here are the ‘FIMP’ factor; which stands for Fabrication, Installation, Maintenance and Posting.  Thus we decided to set up a company to do these entire four things so we can have control of quality, speed and control of service delivery. Hence, we started fabricating our own boards, installing them, maintaining and posting them. Having control of our FIMP factor is a great advantage.”

He added that beyond the mission, vision and other operational ethos of the agency, it does not benchmark against certain things, one of which is customers’ satisfaction. He adds:“Working with all relevant stake holders and achieving results, providing solutions to clients’ needs is what we hold dear.”

The agency is not oblivious to the motivational speaker, Brian Tracy’s statement that the glue that holds all relationships together is trust, and trust is based on integrity. Mbanefo says, “In our business, we are dedicated to creating trust through good service delivery. Keeping our word is one of our keys to succeeding in business. Our service delivery always reflects our client’s needs.

He further said that the key to agency’s success is that they always invest in the business. Unlike the proverbial unwise child that eats all he has, he says, “We always reinvest. We are disciplined to plow back into the business. This is the way to grow and have success in what you do.”

New Crystal Communication is staffed and managed by a team of professionals who have acquired a wealth of management and technical skills in the sector. He adds that having a great team is also one of its secrets.“For us, it is all about teamwork, being dedicated, understanding what you do and doing it the right way.

“We also put the entirety of our trust in God. We believe and trust in God.  The grace of God we continuously seek.”



To further gain global visibility and remain an undisputed leader at all times, the outdoor agency has built a strong technical partnership and alliances with two world-class companies namely T-ONE TECH of UK and Motion Display of China.

To meet up its flood of clients and customers in the outdoor advertising segment of the integrated marketing communications sector, New Crystal, carries out Fabrications Installation Maintenance and Posting (FIMP) while its print production unit parades state-of-the-art equipment comprising computers, image setters and digital imaging machines, among others.

Beyond rhetoric, New Crystal Communications Limited’s unique and superb services speaks volumes, and the works it has done for an array of blue-chip companies, federal government, state governments and other agencies attest to the agency’s leadership role in the Out-of-Home advertising enterprise.

The agency’s clients include Nigerian Brewery (NB) Limited, United Bank for Africa (UBA), Zenith Bank Plc, Coca Cola, LG Electronics, A-Z Petroleum Products, Capstone Sports, Universal McCann, MediaReach, Starcom Media and Media Perspectives.

More specifically, the agency has successfully executed projects for Anambra, Abia, Delta, Kogi and River state governments as well as the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing, Ministry of Information, NAPEP, Police service Commission and Federal Character Commission even as the agency has reached advanced stage in its plan to extend tentacles to other cities across the country.

Other notable companies are Etisalat, GLO, MTN, Zoom Mobile, LUMEN suite, WAMCO Group, Water AIDS, CutixPlc and AIDS Prevention in Nigeria (APIN), just to mention a few.


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