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CSR-in-Action Advocacy Commences Good Citizen Radio Show On Inspiration FM





CSR-in-Action, Nigeria’s foremost advocacy and sustainability outfit will be commencing the Good Citizen Radio Show on Inspiration FM.

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The Good Citizen Radio show is one of the expressions of the Good Citizen initiative which is designed to address the dearth of ethics by promoting positive values and good neighbourliness amongst Nigerians through various education and awareness creation.

Launched on the 19th of November, 2015, at the Sustainability in the Extractive Industries Conference by Ms Yemisi Ransome Kuti, Professor Wale Omole and Chief Executive of CSR-in-Action, Ms. Bekeme Masade, the Good Citizen radio show has an overarching goal of undertaking initiatives that encourage and advance individual contribution to national development through value reorientation, especially to the younger generations – our future leaders.

The Good Citizen Reading Club and the Good Citizen Annual Awards and Recognition are other expressions of the Good Citizen Initiative which are also in the process of implementation.

Like the parent initiative, the Good Citizen Radio Show would focus on value system reorientation and would be driven through citizen participation and solid multi-institutions partnerships in the areas of transparency and accountability, entrepreneurship/innovation, political awareness, environmental management, and unity. The radio show is targeted at children, adolescents and youths.

In partnership with Inspiration FM, the Good citizen radio show would hold every Friday On Inspiration FM Radio Station by 7:00 p.m. with the first episode airing on May 11, 2018.  It will be anchored by Ms. Bekeme Masade, Chief Executive CSR-in-Action and Public Personality and Mr. Deji Falope, award winning radio personality and Head of Brands, Inspiration FM. It will be syndicated to other Radio Stations and aired on Inspiration FM’s online platform.

The Radio show will be broken down into 3 major segments namely: Vox Populi Session which is a pre-recorded session relating to the particular topic of discussions, studio discussions which will be an intensive session addressing leadership through different avenues such as gender equity, payment of taxes, environmental management, conflict resolution, and more. The third part of the show is the call-in session which would be a phone interaction between the anchors and members of the citizenry who would call in. The goal is to encourage a unified and collective approach for solving national issues, stimulate community dialogue and discussions on good citizenship and recognise and reward outstanding efforts.

The Good Citizen Initiative will help address the dearth of ethics and unity which have been identified as central causes of Nigeria’s stunted development as failure of Nigeria’s economic, educational, infrastructural and environmental policies can be largely traced to these factors. Thus, calling for individual contribution to national development.






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