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Data: Time Online To Overtake TV This Year



The amount of time consumers spend online each day will overtake that spent watching linear TV this year, according to new projections from GroupM.

Total daily online time is expected to amount to 221 minutes (3h 41m) in 2018, up by nine minutes from 2017 and almost an hour (59 minutes) since 2015. This compares to an average daily TV consumption of 218 minutes (3h 38m) this year, representative of a four minute dip since 2017 and nine minute dip since 2015.

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Time Online Vs TV

Data show that online is expected to take a 38% share of the average media day this year, one percentage point (pp) ahead of TV, on 37%. This would equate to a 7pp rise for online since 2015, when its share was recorded at 31%. TV’s share of the average media day will have fallen by 6pp from 43% over this period.

Elsewhere, radio and print’s shares of the media day have held largely steady since 2015, at 18% and 7% respectively this year. This would equate to 104 minutes for radio and 41 minutes for print in 2018.

Taken together, consumers are expected to spend an average 584 minutes (9h 44m) consuming media each day this year, up three minutes from 2017 and 54 minutes from 2015.


Credit: WARC

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