FelixKing Foundation To Uplift Widows With $500,000 In WEPROGRESS Initiative

FelixKing foundation
Felix King, Founder, FelixKing Foundation with some widows.

In furtherance of its Corporate Social Responsibility drive towards supporting and promoting women’s welfare in the society, Nigeria’s foremost experiential agency, Oracle Experience, will through the FelixKing Foundation empower disadvantaged widows and poor rural women in the country with $500,000.

The foundation will be doing this through the Felix King Foundation’s Widows Economic Empowerment Progress initiative, WEPROGRESS, in rural communities in Nigeria.

According to information on the foundation’s website and social media handles, the initiative is premised on the statistics that over 90% widows and poor rural women struggle to own small business and are denied access to capital. Weprogress will help disadvantaged widows and active poor rural women in Nigeria communities gain access to capital they need to build their small businesses so that they can contribute to the prosperity of their families and that of their communities.

Further information reveals that Felix King’s foundation is committing $250,000 to the project for initial take off and hopes to mobilize another $250,000 for expansion.

In a statement, founder of the foundation, Felix King Eiremiokhae had said that empowering women, especially disadvantaged widows, is the best way to impact the society. “I believe that if you invest in women like these, you are going to positively impact on the community as many women especially at the rural communities are the economic backbone of their families.

FelixKing Foundation
Felix King, Founder, FelixKing Foundation.

“We get our satisfaction by the successes we achieve through these efforts like WEPROGRESS- making the world better for widows and that of their children,” he concluded.

The initiative is open to disadvantaged widows and active rural women. Registration will run through 2018 while further information on the initiative can be obtained at www.felixkingfoundation.com/weprogress

The foundation has always been at the vanguard of championing widow’s interest over the years. It has sponsored the bill for the abolishment of widows in some states in Nigeria as well as run a campaign in recent times to that effect.

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