Lufthansa Group Launches New Distribution Capability Partner Programme




Lufthansa Group recently launched its New Distribution Capacity (NDP) Partner Programme, offering agents a preferred value proposition encompassing technology, servicing, offers and strategic cooperation components.

The newly introduced website provides general information for customers seeking more details and wanting to ask questions regarding Lufthansa Group’s NDC API solution. The website is accessible to all and is beneficial for travel agencies, corporates and travel technology providers as they can now find detailed information on the website.

According to a statement by Lufthansa, “travel agencies interested in using the free of charge NDC web solution SPRK, can now register to access the booking and servicing platform by simply filling out the online form available on the new website. Until the end of this year Lufthansa Group will be offering a special incentive of 1EUR per coupon for agents using the NDC API solution SPRK”.

“The Lufthansa Group continuously aims to serve our local agencies with the best possible solutions, and the newly launched NDC Partner Programme and website will be of great support. We already have a number of agencies who are capable to receive our NDC Smart Offers and we expect more partners to follow in the near future. But also agencies who are not in the position yet to receive these offers can also have access via SPRK“ stated Robin Sohdi, General Manager Sales Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea, Lufthansa Group.

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