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Facebook Tool Makes It Easier To Monitor Time Spent On Social Media



Facebook has responded to growing concerns over social media addiction with the launch of a suite of new app tools enabling members to see at a glance how much time they’ve spent on the site and set future limits to curtail their usage.

The move comes as the social media giant reorients itself toward facilitating more ‘meaningful interactions’ rather than fixate on extending people’s time online alone.

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‘Your Time on Facebook’ will give people access to a live counter displaying how much time people have spent on Facebook each day, as well as receive notifications when they breach a certain limit, handing users more control over their online time.

Members will gain access to a seven-day breakdown of their time spent on the Facebook app each day via a specific device, with the option to set a daily reminder when minutes spent reaches a pre-set allocation that you’ve set for yourself.

Facebook’s focus on ‘meaningful interactions’ has already seen it re-jig its news feed to prioritise posts from friends and family over businesses, brands and media companies.



Credit: The Drum

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