HP Brings Emotional Generational Connection To Touching Father’s Day Spot



Emotional connections highlight a new campaign for HP printers, bringing generations together on Father’s Day.

HP has been going for an emotional angle in its ‘Reinvent’ printer spots, showing both the joy and the tougher times of family dynamics, and this heartfelt spot shows how pictures printed on HP printers can help connect people, even when they’re miles away or have passed on.

HP’s marketing reinvention, as a brand, is centered on creating and delivering emotional resonance based on insights. The key insight behind the new spot, ‘Dad’ finds that in the age of the smartphone and social media we’re more connected than ever, but also lonelier than ever.

People are taking more photos, but they usually only experience them for fleeting moments online. Printed photos, however, due to their tangible, lasting nature, help us stay connected in deeper, more meaningful ways, according to HP.

The ‘Dad’ spot shows a young father holding his infant son, introducing him to his grandfather. We see the child reaching out and touching the hands and face of the older man as the narration says, “he’s my dad, just like I’m your dad…and without him, we wouldn’t be here.”

The camera pulls back again to show that the two are actually looking at a photo of the grandfather, who has since passed away. It’s a touching moment that shows that technology has a human side that can bring people together.



Credit: The Drum

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