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UBA Extends Its Chatbot To Five African Countries



United Bank for Africa (UBA) Plc has extended its frontier with the launch of its flagship chat banking personality, named ‘Leo,’ in Cameroon, Zambia, Cote D’Ivoire, Senegal and Congo after it was successfully launched in Nigeria.

The lender said in a statement that the chatbot, which it described as very active in Nigeria, would change the face of e-banking across key African markets.

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UBA said it brought ease to the customers in Nigeria, as it aided them with numerous transactions since the beginning of the year when it was officially launched in Lagos.

It said the launch would enable customers and non-customers of the bank to make use of their social media accounts in carrying out banking transactions from their devices.

The bank said the chatbot had come into the African market with new and additional features, while delivering lifestyle and quality banking through the Facebook Messenger chat platform.

According to the statement, users can derive vital information from the chatbot as it can provide the names of global personalities around key markets.

It added that other new features of the chatbot were its ability to provide the current time in any city and the weather conditions, making it easy for customers and non-customers seeking to navigate between cities to do so with ease.

“Customers can easily lodge their complaints through the platform and can also view complaint tickets. It is important to note that UBA remains the first financial institution in Africa that has come up with this manner of solution to simplify the way customers transact,” the statement said.


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