X3M Ideas Blazes Trail With Launch of Southern Africa Operations


By Jeremiah Agada

Steve Babaeko
Chief Executive Officer and Chief Creative Officer, X3M Ideas Group, Steve Bababeko.

One of Nigeria’s foremost creative advertising powerhouses, X3M Ideas has expanded its frontiers beyond the West African coast with the formal launch of X3M Ideas SA PTY in South Central Africa, yesterday, blazing the trail as the first agency in Nigeria to do that.

On his social media handle, the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Creative Officer of the agency, Steve Bababeko said that the strategic record-breaking move is part of the agency’s five- year plan to extend the frontier of its operation to other parts of Africa.

Prior to the formal launch yesterday, the agency had commenced operations a year ago in South Central Africa with footprints in Botswana, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa- serving as its hub.

Steve Babaeko

According to Babaeko, X3M Ideas SA PTY is part of the X3M Group, though a wholly independent operation with a different Board.

Speaking on the launch, Babaeko said, “It’s been a tough and challenging adventure, a big lesson in patience and perseverance. In 2012 when we started X3M Ideas, not only did we not have money, we did what most neophyte entrepreneurs would do, we used the little money we had for window dressing. From where we stood at the time, it made eminent sense for the office space to have more than a bit of glitter, we completely forgot about salaries and overhead. As first pay day approached I went into full panic mode, frantically looking for buyers for my Honda Accord so we could make payroll.

“That was over five years ago. Since then we have gone ahead to build X3M Ideas into a creative power house. Winning pitches and hauling awards worldwide. And expectedly we have been given our due accolades.

“Like I always tell our team, we are the Marines of the Advertising Industry, we look challenges in the eyes and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. We are X3M. Our dream is to leave indelible footprints across this great continent, this is only the beginning. Thank you to the incredible women and men of X3M for all the hard work. Thank you to all our clients for always supporting and challenging us to be better. Thank you to my lovely wife Yetunde and our sons for tolerating the long arduous hours away from home. Like they say in Nollywood: To God be the glory,” he concluded.


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