Dentsu Takes A Front Seat In Indian Smart Bus Mobility Service



Dentsu Group has branched out into Indian transportation with an investment in Shuttl, a digital smart-bus mobility service used by around 50,000 people each day across seven cities.

Dentsu’s corporate venture capital fund invested 74,609.81 million yen in the venture, equivalent to over half a million pounds, to power further expansion of the service including the development of new marketing solutions to improve its reach.

Managed by Super Highway Labs the smartphone app enables passengers to reserve seats on an air-conditioned shuttle bus which will collect you from your chosen location before whisking you to your elected destination.

In a statement Dentsu wrote: “Going forward, Dentsu Ventures will support Shuttl’s business expansion, which also contributes to improving traffic congestion and air pollution problems in large cities, while promoting new business development with Shuttl in the urban transportation area, including the development of new marketing solutions making use of commuter data and in-car media for shuttle buses during daily work and school commutes.”

Last month Dentsu Aegis Network introduced DAN Explore in India to help measure consumption in the sub-continent.





Credit: The Drum



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