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KFC South Africa Pokes Fun Of Neymar’s Infamous Diving With Epic Roll To Get Chicken


Neymar may be the world’s best player left in the World Cup, but he’s become more known for his overly dramatic dives he takes trying to draw penalties. KFC South Africa is having a bit of fun at Neymar’s expense with a solidly funny ad that shows a player taking a dive all the way to KFC for some chicken.

In the 60-second spot, we see a player go down during a match, holding his knee and rolling in alleged pain, much like Neymar has done. But rather than get up and keep playing, this diver keeps rolling off the field and out of the stadium. He then rolls and writhes through the streets of the city, being followed by kids and camera crews alike, through crowds and crosswalks until he finally enters a KFC, gets up unscathed and orders a ‘Streetwise 2’ meal deal.

The real comedy of the spot is that it was released before the start of the tournament and before Neymar’s gigantic flop against Serbia.

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In related Neymar flop news, there is serious social media buzz – and much mocking – of the Brazilian player with two separate hashtags that are both blowing up on Twitter.

In the #NeymarChallenge, people try to recreate the Neymar flop by doing it themselves in real life. This even includes a children’s soccer team and people training their pets to roll on demand.

Credit: The Drum

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