Omnicom Looks To Take On IPG Data Push With Launch Of Annalect-Driven Precision Tool ‘Omni’



Omnicom has announced the roll-out of Omni, a ‘people-based’ precision marketing and insights platform.

Designed to identify and define personalized consumer experiences at scale across creative, media, CRM as well as other Omnicom practice areas.

Omni, according to a statement from Omnicom, was designed to ‘identify and define personalized consumer experiences at scale’ throughout the holding companies different practices. It claimed that Omni has delivered a first-of-its kind, single view of the consumer that can be dynamically tracked and shared across all marketing practices.

In a statement, the holding company said: “Omni transforms the way Omnicom teams work, collaborate and deliver value, from insights generation to audience building, channel planning, creative development and message distribution. All of the activities are continuously measured and optimized with attribution tied to client performance at every step of the consumer journey.”

Precision marketing has been a trending investment for the major holding companies, with Dentsu Aegis pulling in Dutch-based firm Oxyma Group and adding it to its performance arm Merkle in November of last year. Two weeks ago, IPG Mediabrands acquired Acxiom’s AMS (Acxiom Marketing Solutions) for a grand sum of $2.3bn, gaining access to a data set from over 20 billion consumers worldwide.

Omnicom has decided to build its rival offering from the ground up, pairing Annalect, Omnicom Group’s data solutions agency with OPMG (Omnicom Precision Marketing Group) and claimed to ensure a strategy of ‘neutrality’ by not taking any ownership interest in data or tech partners.

The Omni platform has also been designed to integrate with marketing cloud providers, allowing clients to get the most from their first-party data and mar-tech investments.

The key feature being sold for this platform has been a people-based identity graph, what Omnicom said is built from data from Neustar, LiveRamp, Experian and other data vendors. That graph links consumer behaviors down to the second, and — a must in a post-GDPR world — joins those behaviors to data sets using a ‘methodology that respects regional regulatory and privacy practices.’

Those behaviors have also been mapped to a media inventory graph that delivers a reported ‘precise view of the quality, value and availability of inventory in the marketplace.

Consumer behaviors are mapped to an equally comprehensive media inventory graph that delivers a precise view of the quality, value and availability of inventory in the marketplace. This connected plan is activated through a work flow and content engine that enables Omnicom agency teams to efficiently deliver personalized messaging at scale.

Omnicom Media Group’s chief Daryl Simm said in a statement: “When we launched Annalect seven years ago, we dedicated ourselves to transforming the effects of data and analytics on media. With Omni, we’re extending everything we’ve learned to transform the entire marketing process.

He added, “Omni connects our talent around a single view of the consumer and inspires them to create the best integrated ideas that drive success for our clients.”

Omnicom Digital CEO Jonathan Nelson added, “Until now, the idea of mass personalization was more of an aspiration than a reality. Omni changes that. This is precision marketing at scale and in action. And the new platform can be leveraged by all Omnicom clients across multiple disciplines.”

Omnicom said that it plans to deploy the platforms across the agency network ‘in the coming months’.

The broad roll-out of Omni comes after several months of implementing the platform on select creative, media and CRM business engagements. Deployment of Omni will continue across Omnicom’s leading agencies in the coming months.




Credit: The Drum


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