Terragon Releases 2018 Digital Trends Report for Nigeria


Digital Trends for Nigeria in 2018
“Brands must embed a data-driven approach into every facet of their
marketing efforts”

Africa’s marketing technology leader, Terragon, has released its 2018 Digital Trends Report for Nigeria. The report highlights the importance of personalization, artificial intelligence, online video, digital solutions and digital partnerships as key drivers for growth of businesses targeting the Nigerian consumer.

The report emphasizes the need for a mobile-focused, data-driven approach both online and offline, as brands and businesses seek to provide a seamless experience to their target audiences.

Tolu Odulawa, Head, Business Operations Terragon stated that going digital is no longer optional, and brands must embed a data-driven approach into every facet of their marketing efforts, especially in the areas of lead generation, customer acquisition, and customer engagement if they are to expect exponential growth in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace.

“Mass marketing doesn’t exist anymore. People are buying from who they trust overtime and who connects with them individually. If you aren’t doing it, your competition is. It’s no longer enough to attract new customers but you need to keep the existing ones.

Brands must therefore seek to identify their customers across various touch points and connect with them in the most relevant ways.” he continued.

Other key insights for brands to note include online video, which is shaping how content is delivered, and is extremely vital in driving mobile traffic and consumer purchase decisions. Online videos are shaping content delivery and becoming vital in driving mobile traffic and consumer purchase decisions.

Terragon is a data and marketing technology business committed to unlocking value for businesses using insight to reach mobile audiences in Africa.

Inspired by the birth of the smartphone, the Terragon exists to help brands drive intelligent connections to consumers in Africa, by harnessing the power of mobility.

Leveraging the depth of its connections, Terragon enables businesses gain access and insights on African consumers unlocked by a unique blend of proprietary technology tools, data and analytics.

This research report is one in many provided over the years by Terragon as part of its contribution to providing necessary insights into the local

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