Data Science Nigeria Releases Free Artificial Intelligence eBook for Starters And Enthusiasts



Data Science Nigeria, a non-profit committed to accelerating Nigeria’s development through solution-oriented application of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to solve social/business problems, has a released a free 167-page eBook, titled, Artificial Intelligence Simplified: 99 Use Cases and Expert Thoughts.

The book is an attempt to introduce many first timers and enthusiasts to Artificial intelligence through solution-oriented learning and use cases that can stimulate multidisciplinary research and purpose-driven coding. The book is compiled by Olubayo (Bayo) Adekanmbi; a leading Data scientist, doctoral level researcher in Artificial Intelligence application and the Chief Transformation Officer at MTN Nigeria.

The book has contributions from global community of AI experts and industry users, local and international, including some of the Artificial Intelligence pioneers like Professor Yoshua Bengio and Professor Emeritus Thomas G. Dietterich.
Professor Ndubuisi Ekekwe, Chairman Famiscro Group and the inventor of Zenvus AI for Agriculture suite wrote the Foreword.

Artificial Intelligence Simplified ebook is a compilation of 99 use cases and expert thoughts aimed at introducing non-techies, enthusiasts and starters to Artificial intelligence (AI) through solution-oriented learning and inspirational series. It is available for free download at

This case study nature of the eBook is expected to stimulate further desire for multidisciplinary application of AI across all verticals of possible applications. The book has contributions from global community of AI experts and industry users who shared their rich perspectives on AI capabilities, especially its transformational and far-reaching potential to enhance human welfare in various domains (Healthcare, Agriculture, Education, Financial Inclusion, Smart City etc.)

The book is a simplified reading material that attempts to find the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and everyday realities while demonstrating the evolution of the inherent possibilities in AI from futuristic sci-fi conjecture to high-impact reality, especially with the exponential processing, perceptive, predictive and prescriptive abilities of modern computing.

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