Loeries Calls For Creative Contributors For Migrate




Loeries has called for creative contributors for this year’s Migrate, the official magazine of The Loeries Awards. Migrate is a source of inspiration to all creative minds involved in brand communication.
The magazine is a showcase of all aspects of the worldwide fraternity, including writing, illustration, photography and design. It is a conceptually rich publication, offering a fountain of visual and written inspiration from the new, the young, the dedicated, the famous and the passionate creative voices of today.
The 24th edition of Migrate has been themed the ‘Heaven edition’ to also celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Loeries. This edition transcends the trials and tribulations of your day and define your own heaven on earth.
The Loeries said prospective contributor stand the benefits of diverse and free exposure to the brand communication industry in the South Africa region. There is also magazine promotion via PR, social media, Loeries website and newsletter, and a short biography and contact details of the contributor
The Loeries launched Migrate to expose new and cutting-edge talent and as a collector’s magazine for constant reference as well as pure inspiration.
The style of the magazine is creative as each issue has a unique theme from which contributors and advertisers take their cue. Migrate never takes itself too seriously and the theme is always interpreted in a myriad of ways. The content is engaging and informative, creatively inspiring and sometimes funny, distributed to all South Africa’s major advertising and design agencies with its readers primarily design and advertising professionals, design students, producers, art buyers, marketers, architects and brand consultants.

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