Oracle Experience Augments Nationwide Operations With N300million Investments

…Sets Up Consumer Engagement Centre



In its quest to continue the leadership of the experiential marketing industrywhile providing unassailable dominance, the leading experiential marketing company in sub-Saharan Africa, Oracle Experience, has made a whooping N300 million investments in human capacity development, new equipment, regional operation upgrade,new Technovation drive and the establishment of what is known as Consumers Engagement Centre ( CEC) . which is an intelligence gathering and sharing Portal

In a statement obtained by our reporter, the experiential marketing agency put part of the N300 million on Mobile solutions technology, Technovation toys and the C.E.C portal.

According to the agency, the investment in Mobile solutions using geo tagging system will make Nigeria operations becomes easy to monitor real-time.

“This technology helps agency put forward its transparency pledge of openness and partnership. With the set up base stations, Nigeria becomes a little village when we are on the field operations and monitored in partnership with the client.”

On the nimbleness of the technology, Dr. Felix King, chief executive officer of the agency said the application will help to authenticate field operations. With the system, we are able to verify field activities from our base station in Lagos. He further said that “the mobile solutions will help client increase field productivity and speed to market. With the system , it is easy for our client to measure productivity, POP compliance and shelf health, standardization, enforce adherence , yet flexible . the technology enables field force to capture data at source and field force activities visible in real-time.”.

The App is developed by South African top agency.

For the regional operations, the agency creates additional functional operational hubsacross the country to solve logistics challenges face by agencies on outstations activations, and to further bring experiences to bring to consumers and create value for clients.

“With 7 regional operations, we have now increased regional operations to 12 functional local area operations.”

Apart from that, the regional expansion will support the agency to further deepen experience, while addressing the logistics nightmare that sometimes come with operating in dynamic environments you will find in a complex country like Nigeria ,” Dr. King stated.
In order to up its ante and good experiences at activations and events, the agency invested heavily to upgrade it’s inventory on working technovation toys. These toys covers; Scenic technology , lighting technology, audio technology, video technology, rigging technology and automation technology and LED video technology. Our upgrade will enable agency the highest level of creative technology options, using advanced widely used technology.
Besides, other investments, Oracle Agency added three hundred and sixty (360)camerassystem and video photo boothsystem for event attendees sensory engagement.

To utilize and get optimum value on the investments made, Dr. King disclosed that, the agency has equally invested on its workforce by scheduling oversea training on how to manage the new technology, as well as good exposure to new and emerging trends.

Speaking on the pressure that comes with the agency dominance, the chief executive officer said, the investment is a strategic move to remain miles ahead of competition.

He said setting direction for the industry can be very challenging, because once you do something everyone wants to replicate it and you need to keep re-inventing to remain relevant.”

With over 530 languages spoken in Nigeria and with each of these languages come a nuance . so with the CEC unit, speaking these languages will become much more interesting. Dr Felix King further stressed that with the huge investment which is not a common practice in the industry , he believed will make Oracle Experience more loved by it’s clients and maybe hated by the industry with a passion. But the bottom line is that we are shredding the old industry model as we enter the era of doing the extra ordinary things.

Further speaking on the agency’s new model- in God we trust, Dr. King stated that “In God We Trust, is a model that reflects the foundation of Oracle Experience and its values of putting God first in its daily dealings.”I believe that no company can be successful except in the strength of God, or safe from evil forces except in His defense.

This is the strength of the business and the unity and the spirit of oneness that flourishes within the company” he said.

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