Google Tops Global Corporate Responsibility Table



Google has shrugged off recent data and ad safety scandals to emerge with the highest reputation for corporate responsibility courtesy of its ‘exceptional’ workplace culture.

Fresh from abandoning a $10bn AI defence contract with the Pentagon on moral grounds, Google leads the world in the Reputation Institute’s global corporate responsibility study, edging out Lego which drops to third despite a pledge to adopt environmentally friendly plant-based plastics.

In second place Disney continues to win hearts and minds the world over ahead of its pending mega-deal to takeover the assets of 21st Century Fox.

Commenting on the results chief reputation officer Stephen Hahn-Griffiths said: “This year’s results demonstrate an important inflection point. We are now in an era when companies need to go beyond just social responsibility – they must have fiscal, social, environmental and employer responsibility. There is unique opportunity for a company to raise the bar and deliver on higher expectations for a holistic commitment to corporate responsibility.”

A year of change 2018 saw no fewer than five new entrants scale the top ten with Natura, Novo Nordisk, Canon, Michelin and IKEA all displacing top tier brands from last year, namely BMW, Intel, Cisco, Rolls-Royce Aerospace and Colgate-Palmolive.

The study rankings were based on 230,000 individual public ratings for 140 multinational firms.

In Europe toy maker Lego reigns supreme as the continents most trusted brand.

Ten highest reputations for corporate responsibility:

1. Google
2. Walt Disney Company
3. The LEGO Group
4. Natura
5. Novo Nordisk
6. Microsoft
7. Bosch
8. Canon
9. Michelin
10. IKEA

Credit: The Drum

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