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Nigerian Startup Celebrates Female Heroes

Efe Ugboro, CEO, 618Bees
Efe Ugboro, CEO, 618Bees

Social media in recent weeks has been agog with the celebration of iconic Nigerian women, by Nigerian female entrepreneurs from all walks of life, who have been commemorating their female heroes.

618Bees, a Nigerian tech start-up, began the ‘Naija Woman Hero’ contest where women are required to post a photo of their all-time iconic Nigerian woman on Instagram, using the hashtag #NaijaWomanHero, and tagging @618Bees.

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Thousands of female entrepreneurs, have nominated their iconic Nigerian women and the contest has started a resurgence of some sort since the competition began.

The competition has seen thousands of posts since the contest began on October 1st.

According to the BBC, Nigeria has the highest number of female entrepreneurs in the world and who often struggle to secure investment, with banks always requiring collaterals, like properties, which women often do not have. Without access to capital, it is difficult for a lot of women to grow their businesses.

In a bid to make life easier for women, 618 Bees is offering hundreds of woman the opportunity to start their own businesses by registering the businesses for free.

Visit http://www.618bees.com/naijawomanhero for more details about the competition.

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