Wema Bank Joins World Savings Day Celebration



In a bid foster a healthier and sustainable savings culture in kids, Wema Bank joined the world in celebrating the World Savings Day under the theme “decoding the financial educate challenge” by visiting several schools across the country to encourage students to build healthy savings habits and educate them on the ways to grow the little they manage to save.

Senior members of staff of the Bank, including the Managing Director, Ademola Adebise, visited five schools each across five different states in each of the Geopolitical zones including Edo, Bauchi, Oyo, Ogun, and Enugu.

Speaking at one of the schools visited, Mr. Adebise explained in an interactive session with some students that there is no future as secure as the future of a person who saves.

“Don’t ever forget that your journey to building a wealthy future starts with nurturing a good and sustainable savings culture today,” Adebise told the students.

Introduced in 1924 to promote the value of bank savings, the World Savings Day also aims to promote savings in educational institutions such as schools of the member countries and thus various savings movements were planned in the schools. It emphasizes the importance of savings to economic development and provides a good occasion to look at how fintech may help solve the challenge of savings.

In its 72 years of existence, Wema Bank has encouraged the savings culture among its customers and has reinforced this position by setting up ALAT, a digital bank that offers 10% interest on savings. There are two variants of savings on ALAT; ALAT Stash and ALAT Savings Goal. Customers can enjoy 10% interest on both variants regardless of despite the flexibility they offer.

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