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MultiChoice CEO, John Ugbe, Shares Winning Strategies For Customer Winning Brands

John Ugbe, (centre) MD/CEO, Multichoiuce receiving  his award.
John Ugbe, (centre) MD/CEO, MultiChoice receiving his award.

Chief Executive Officer, MultiChoice Nigeria, John Ugbe, delivered a brilliant presentation at the Brand Power Golden Icon Awards on winning strategies brands in Nigeria can adopt to win over more customers.

Citing both global and domestic brands, Ugbe highlighted key strategies such as relevance, presence, authenticity, trust, inclusion & representation, responsiveness & sensitivity, listening to customers and consistency. Ugbe went through a gamut of brands that are taking conscious steps towards engaging their consumers in more exciting ways.

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Ugbe who was a recipient of two awards at the event ‘Thought Leader par excellence’ and ‘Youth Empowerment through access to information, discussed strategies adopted by other companies, Ugbe also disclosed MultiChoice’s tactic for their winning strategy as a brand. According to Ugbe, MultiChoice wins over customers through the right content, the right people, the right technology and the right culture. Through this winning strategy MultiChoice Nigeria has been able to have an aggregate impact of $1.1 billion from 2011 to 2015.

Ugbe let the audience know that the company was able to accomplish this through material partnerships and financial support, training, master classes for upcoming talent, content acquisition, co-productions and commissioning of movie projects and increased Nigerian content on the Africa Magic channels.

Ugbe also pressed on the importance of engaging consumers on social media. He ended the presentation with a piece of advice that every successful brand manager knows too well, “For branding to succeed, your consumers have to trust you.”

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