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Isobar ‘Augmented Humanity’ Report Identifies Key Digital Trends For 2019


Global digital agency Isobar has released its ‘Augmented Humanity’ report for 2019, an exploration of five digital trends for the year ahead. The report explores the extent to which humanity will work in harmony with technology to expand and enrich life in 2019.

Written by the innovation and strategy specialists across Isobar’s 85 offices in 45 markets, the report is centered around a belief that technology augments our experience of the world, allowing us to work more efficiently, to live healthier lifestyles, to make better human decisions and to expand our creativity. It explains why Isobar believes that this is an important moment in human history, outlines some of the myriad opportunities that these technological developments open up and shines a light on some of the challenges posed by digital disruption.

Isobar’s five key trends for 2019 are:

small: we’re social

The evolving interface – how the intersection between humans and technology is changing;

The human algorithm – how data can help us to better understand ourselves and enable better decisions;

The fluid vs the collective self – how the digital world enhances personal and collective experiences;

The trust paradox – how technology can help – or hinder – our understanding of the increasingly complex world around us;

The transformed experience – how ‘Augmented Humanity’ enables us to feel and experience the world differently and in deeper ways.

The annual report provides guidance on navigating this new landscape to keep businesses and brands ahead of the curve for 2019 and beyond. Each chapter outlines why these developments are important, key examples of the trends in action, why businesses need to be aware of them, and how they can take advantage of their positive potential.

Jean Lin, Isobar’s global chief executive, said: “Technology today plays a key role in driving relevance, scale, and elevating human experiences. It is our job to harness its wonderful power and the potential for businesses and brands, in serving people better in the age of Augmented Humanity.”

Isobar is part of the Dentsu Aegis Network, a wholly owned subsidiary of Dentsu Inc. Key clients include Coca-Cola, Adidas, Enterprise, P&G, Philips and Huawei.

Credit: The Drum

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