Loeries Calls For Entries, Closes May 15


Loeries has called for entries for the 2019 edition of its award. Similarly, it announced that entry submission closes 15 May.

The Loeries has been rewarding creativity for over 40 years. It is the most prestigious brand and communication awards in Africa and the Middle East. The award recognizes, rewards, inspires and fosters creative excellence in the advertising and brand communication industry.

Loeries Awards 2019 organisers call on agencies, studios, brands and designers to tell better stories – stories that upend stereotypes, tear down racial divides, and embrace cultural differences. The Loeries Creative Week holds from19 to 25 August, 2019 at Durban, South Africa.

According to The Loeries on its website, “It’s not just an award. It’s about recognizing creative brilliance. Making you and me feel something, question and rethink our ways of doing. It’s about telling better stories. Stories that provoke conversation. Challenge traditions. End stereotypes. Celebrate humanity. Tear racial divideds. Embrace culture. And change the world.”

Speaking on what to expect at the forthcoming event, Loeries CEO, Andrew Human said “Absolutely. One of the exciting developments is the broadening of our design category. We’ve opened the design awards to include all aspects of design – retail design like furniture, lighting and fabric design, industrial design, interior design and architecture, as well as all elements of traditional graphic design. Nando’s has come on board as our design category partner – they are a brilliant example of a brand that uses local design as an integral part of their brand. They work closely in developing and nurturing the local design industry, ensuring each new store is filled with inspiring local art and design. It has changed the conversation, replacing cookie-cutter mass designs with individual and inspiring local design. What’s more is that Nando’s has democratised art and design, making it readily available for everyone. Nando’s lives a better story. 

In addition, he explained “My core belief is that real change comes through youth and with education. The earlier on we start to shift the narrative, the greater the impact we can have. If we could, we would start in grade one! That’s why we have worked so hard over the past 10 years on our Creative Futures Scholarship, which brings talented youngsters from disadvantaged communities into the industry – giving them a life-changing opportunity while developing our future creative leaders. 

“The question I challenge everyone to ask themselves is: what value did we add to our region, our country, our community or the stakeholders we serve? What change did we create? What is your better story?”

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